Remedy for Food Addiction

Eating Our Emotions – Food Addiction and Pranic Healing

Food addiction concerns masses of people and endangers our physical health as much as our emotional and hormonal stability, our mental focus, and our happiness levels.

Most people associate food addiction with weight; we have seen that this is not always the case. It is an emotional dependency, a habit that becomes part of our lives. This is often followed by a sense of guilt, promises to not overdo it again, anger and sadness. Food addiction is often connected with depression. Someone may not eat huge amounts of food but cannot forfeit their chocolate or sweet treat. So we see chocolate addiction, sugar addiction and junk food cravings spiking.

The food is filling up our empty space; we are eating not to fill stomachs, but our emotional bodies.

In fact, we are eating our emotions. Usually, we need something in our lives to change, we are longing for something new to come in or something old to be discarded. A fulfilling job, a new partner, better relationships with family or friends… the list is endless.


Food has a soothing, calming effect; it involves the sense of pleasure and can stimulate happy hormones. At Rama we have been tackling food addictions more and more, and are seeing younger ages, even teenagers struggling with this need for joy which is translated to overeating. We view this addiction as any other- the roots of overeating can be found in the energy field. That is where Pranic Psychotherapy is involved.

First, we find the emotion that triggers this tendency, we find where it originates from. The patient need not discuss this with the therapist; we use healing protocols specifically for these emotions. These are found through a technique called ‘scanning’. We then proceed to remove these energies from the energetic system. No touching is involved, and the patient sits comfortably on a chair during this process.

Only 1 session is needed. The benefits are not only seen in the amount of food intake; we have observed that patients are relieved on a much deeper level, their lives become more fulfilled, because negative, heavy emotions and thoughts have been removed. The healing is focused on addiction, but the patient’s mood will change as well, as any depressive feelings, whatever might be holding them down over a long period of time is lifted up.

The cooperation of the patient is vital, as they might need to follow a balanced healthy personal program including exercise, meditation and positive affirmations to keep the body and emotions in a happy state. Learning to eat healthy is teachable; food should connect us to Mother Earth and the Sun. The eating process should be full of awareness and love, as we nourish not just our bodies, but our entire being.

The first step is realising that we need help. Leave the rest to us!