Try Shopping Therapy

The fact that shopping has been associated with ‘therapy’ says it all! This unstoppable wish of accumulating ‘stuff’, especially what you do not really need makes us feel good… for only a moment.

Compulsive shopping, creating ‘needs’, excuses and reasons for what we buy is just another form of addiction. It works in the same way that food addiction does.

A full basket only represents our empty emotions!

Advertising and packaging are only thought forms, aimed to stimulate desire. This too is a form of energy that will only enter our system if we allow it too or when it finds weak spots. When our emotions overtake our rational side, we can easily be swayed to collect items that are not needed.

We treat compulsive shopping as we would do with any other addictive condition. In Pranic Healing, a technique called ‘scanning’ allows us to find the negative emotion connected to the impulse to buy. The focus of the healer is to strengthen the entire energetic system, so that the emotions are under the control of the mind. A cycle of treatments is needed to see considerable change, as it depends on many factors. As with any Pranic Healing session, there is no touching, and the patient is seated comfortably. The entire session lasts around 40’.  It is impressive how Pranic Healing is effective on any type of addiction.

At the end of the healing when the patient is asked to think of shopping it will be difficult to even recall how to press ‘add to basket’!