Stop Smoking in one Session!

Smoking is one of those addictions which humanity has not truly given up on. A lot of people, -doctors even-, still find excuses for… ‘It helps with my stress levels’, ‘Five or less a day are not harmful’… and so it goes on.

There are so many people however who truly want to stop smoking and don’t know how… With Pranic Healing we are able to do this, but there is a catch! You must want to stop. That is all.

Addiction can be seen in terms of energy, and therefore handled as such. What actually happens is that energetic parasites are fed from our thoughts and emotions. So a ‘smoking’ energy parasite will want the smoker to smoke more and more, because it is fed by those emotions. You will not find a person who smokes the first time and loves it; most people hate the taste, the smell of smoke and how it makes them feel. But after the first cigarette, the parasites have found a new nest.

Pranic Healing techniques are able to remove these parasites, to clean the entire energetic system and to intensify the patient’s willpower, which helps his/her resistance to smoke.

During the healing session, the patient will be seated comfortably, and will be asked to imagine picking up a cigarette, and light it up. The whole session should not last over 40’. At the end of the session it will be impossible for the patient to think of smoking, or to enjoy it.

The results are permanent.

Rama has an experience of over 15 years on applying ‘Stop Smoking’ with Pranic Healing in only 1 session.

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