Rama – Greek organization of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga was founded in 2006, as an official non-profit organization for the teaching and spreading of Master Choa Kok Sui’s work in Greece, and since 2009 has been authorised with a Primary License by the Institute of Inner Studies Inc. (The Global Headquarters for MCKS Pranic Healing).  Since 2013  Rama also teaches Pranic Healing in Cyprus. From the onset, Instructors and Pranic Healers of Rama have promoted the application of Pranic Healing techniques as a powerful complementary energy healing modality, with a view to uplifting and improving the quality of life for all,  through health and wellbeing.

The Directors of Rama, Yiorgos Stamoulis and Chiara Perfetti, originally trained in Pranic Healing in 2004 in Italy, and later in the USA. Together they organized the first seminars in Greece. Today, as Certified Instructors and Certified Pranic Psychotherapists, Yiorgos & Chiara run seminars for MCKS Pranic Healing Courses in Greece & Cyprus and have also taught in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary & Ireland. Every year they organize Higher Courses and special events with the Senior Instructors and Masters in MCKS Pranic Healing. In 2017, Rama organised the 1st International Arhatic Yoga Retreat in Greece with participants from more than 40 countries. They are dedicated students, Pranic Healers and Instructors, ensuring a constant quality of the Teachings, to all students and to the general public by offering services, healing clinics, private treatments, nurturing sessions and regular meditation events.

Rama’s team has translated most of the Pranic Healing books in Greek, and in cooperation with Ada Manola, one of Rama’s first students, the Twin Hearts Meditations CDs in the Greek language. 

Yiorgos and Chiara have been teaching Pranic Healing at IEK Schools (Institutes of Vocational Training), since 2015. They both appear regularly on TV and radio, in Greece and Cyprus. 

For the very 1st Time in Greece

Kriya$hakti with Master Marilag Mendoza !

16-17 November 2024

The Science & Art of Materialization

“The Condition of your Chakras affects your Prosperity…
When you Change the Inner World, you change the physical world”

Prerequisites: Arhatic Yoga Prep.   OR
Advanced Pranic Healing + Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

Material abundance gives you freedom to pursue spiritual goals. MCKS Kriya$hakti teaches you how to properly harness the power of your thoughts, subtle energies and your auric field to Create a Life of Prosperity and Success both Materially as well as Spiritually!

We constantly refer to the word Prosperity in our lives. We wish it for our friends and family in times of celebration, we sign up for seminars advertising prosperity, abundance and good fortune as their main topics.  We come across books and “good luck charms” that promise to deliver Prosperity almost immediately – but at the end of the day, are all these good wishes and approaches capable of generating the results we desire?

And how easy or difficult is it to influence and achieve Abundance &; Prosperity?

As Grand Master Choa Kok Sui says: “Success does not necessarily depend on hard physical work. Reformulate your strategy. Work through the Details!”

…and there are indeed ancient powerful techniques that when practiced, can give you abundance, success & prosperity.

MCKS Kriyashakti® is a revolutionary seminar because the techniques taught in it, will help you radically change the way you think and therefore your entire life. The practice of the techniques taught combined with dedicated focus  to your target, will help you materialize personal and professional goals and manifest your dreams.

Prosperity is a kind of Energy and is ruled by the laws of attraction and repulsion.

It starts with our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Sometimes even the most intense physical effort is not combined with intelligent Inner work and our goals and aspirations fail to materialize.

You can work 24/7 and your financial state may not improve unless your energy changes first. MCKS Kriyashakti® gives us the tools necessary to harness energy properly in order to attract prosperity into our lives.

For the very 1st Time in Greece

Pranic Feng Shui with Master Marilag Mendoza !

15 November 2024

The Science of Feng Shui

Prerequisites : Advanced Pranic Healing

The science that teaches us how to increase the subtle energies of success, good health, happiness, prosperity and spirituality.

According to Master Choa Kok Sui: “When you have the right Feng Shui, it is like climbing up in an escalator that is going up. Your effort is magnified! Pranic Feng Shui allows you to make your life better.”


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Pranic Healing is a way of life. Developed by Master Choa Kok Sui,
Pranic Healing addresses all the aspects of life
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From the launch of Pranic Healing Greece in 2005 and the first Basic seminar in Athens in 2006, our motivation has been to help others improve their lives, as we ourselves have seen our lives been enriched since our first encounter with Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

Through teamwork and with an emphasis on service and volunteerism, Rama has experienced several highlights over the years. Group-work is synergy, and it is this combined effort that is the foundation of many of our organization’s successes.

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