Reduce stress and increase productivity through Pranic Healing!

More and more published studies are verifying the fact that the level of stress of employees is inversely proportional to their level of productivity. Large companies and international organizations emphasize on managing the stress of their employees by improving the work environment accordingly, introducing gyms and recreation areas in the workplace and organizing seminars and workshops on stress management and relief.

Pranic Healing, a no-touch energy healing technique developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, is a huge success, not only in managing the stress factor, but in substantially and dramatically reducing it!

In particular, Stephen Co, a student of Choa Kok Sui, in recent years has conducted workshops and seminars to relieve stress and increase productivity in international organizations such as Motorola, Microsoft, General Electric, Sears, Qualcomm, Intel, PayPal, University of California, Berkeley , US Naval Hospital San Diego, the US Army, Kaiser, Permanente Hospital and elsewhere.

He has also presented Pranic Healing techniques to organizations such as Google, Intel, Microsoft & NASA. As a special guest at Tony Robins “Unleash the Power Within” events, Master Co has introduced Pranic Healing stress relieving techniques and Meditation on Twin hearts to literally hundreds of thousands of people worldwide seminars.

Rama, the official organization for the dissemination of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga in Greece & Cyprus regularly conducts stress relief workshops open to the public and also collaborates with companies that want their executives to work with reducing employee stress levels and increase the creativity and productivity of their staff.
This is a complete training program for participants, which includes breathing techniques, rejuvenation, vital energy recognition and management techniques -prana- and much more. Rama, in collaboration with the Pranic Healing Research Institute, conducted a qualitative study on the results of Pranic Healing in the stress and productivity levels of the employees of large companies. As part of this research, in parallel with the Stress Relief Workshop, it provided a complete package of anti-stress therapies to all participants in the research.

– Pranic Corporate –

Helping Many Professionals Worldwide!

When someone has reached a certain level of professional success and prosperity, when the material world does not complete us anymore, the inner quest begins, the need for spirituality, for another kind of treasure.

The audience of Tony Robbins, of the No1 “life coach” of the world, with the tens best-seller books and overselled seminars of the tens of thousands of people attending each time, ask exactly for this. And Tony Robbins has found it in Pranic Healing, under the guidance of Master Co.

Master Co is a world known teacher, writer and lecturer of Pranic Healing. He is one of the 8 Masters of Pranic Healing worldwide and a student of Master Choa Kok Sui. Every time he teaches, the seats are sold out, as he attracts people from all the around the world. Has immense love for what he does and has a unique way to transform into a simple manner profound teachings and complex techniques.

In Greece, Master Co has introduced higher seminars of GMCKS from 2010 and with Master Hector, has taught (guided) the 1st Arhatic Retreat in Greece at 2017. Contact us to Know More!

– Stress Relief & Well Being –

Through The Use of Life Energy!

Empower yourself & take Matters into your own hands in terms of your Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-Being!
Learn how to Manage and Remove Stress Patterns in your life & Discover how to use Prana/Life force to accelerate your body’s ability to relieve Stress & Heal itself.
The word “Stress” is commonly used. But most people are not aware that there is such a thing as Stress Energy. Learn how you can remove built up Stress, through the understanding of how energies work.

This workshop will teach you advanced techniques aimed at cleansing your internal system of stress, negative emotions/thoughts & energies. These energies when left untreated may lead to physical and psychological ailments.

Learn to Feel happy and stress free in just a couple of hours!

Some of what will be taught in this Workshop:

Learn about the energy bodies & chakras
Discover how energy affects you physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually
Simple but powerful techniques to keep emotionally calm & mentally clear in stressful situations
Experience Deep relaxation & Inner Peace through Forgiveness
How to literally disintegrate self-defeating thoughts and patterns and replace them with the Right Energy for Health, Happiness and Prosperity
Learn to feel energized in minutes
Eliminate Dullness – Increase intelligence
Improve your relationships – Calm your emotions
Breathing exercises to increase the size of your energy body
Special Techniques to release resentment & anger that cause illness in the physical body and impact every area of our lives
Quickly flush stress out after a hectic day
Simple powerful techniques to Maximise the Life energy from your food for better nutrition
Personal growth and Much More……