MTH Research in Greece

Having practiced Twin Hearts meditation by Master Choa Kok Sui for many years at our Pranic Healing centers in Greece and Cyprus, we were eager to evaluate the effects of the meditation on the workplace.

In 2019 we had the chance of conducting a scaled research in Athens, on the effect of Twin Heart Meditation on stress levels and on work productivity. Rama cooperated with Focus Bari Research Agency and the experiment took place over 8 weeks in 3 companies.

The questionnaire which the participants were asked to complete before and after the experiment, covered the physical aspects of stress, such as tension, cramps, headaches and gastrointestinal discomfort, the emotional aspect such as work anxiety, anger levels and self-confidence and practical issues such as how they dealt with day-to-day issues, how socially active they were and if they felt they were ‘on top’ of things.

The companies also measured productivity outcome for the duration of the project. The employees were asked to take part in group Twin Hearts Meditation sessions of 10 people, twice a week. The meditations took place at their workplace. The questionnaires remained anonymous.

The results were astounding, both on the effect on stress levels and management and work productivity. In one company alone, 10/12 would recommend Twin Hearts Meditation to friends and experienced deep changes on their personal and work environment. In fact, 1 of the 2 employees who did not respond positively had been absent for most sessions.

We received comments such as ‘Ideally this program should be implemented in all companies’, and ‘It was a wonderful experience, I would definitely recommend it to friends. It helps a lot on personal and non-personal issues’.

Rama Pranic Healing Greece is always actively looking for companies who want to participate in group meditations and other Pranic Healing activities. Pranic Healing is an incredible tool for the workplace and of course for life itself. In America and the rest of Europe we are seeing companies small and large incorporating meditation in order to instil calmness and balance. There is a correspondence between employee satisfaction and happiness and work productivity.

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