There is a saying that what we eat, we become!

Our relationship to food is an indicator to our relation to other aspects of our life. What we put in our body has a direct effect not only on our physical body but also on our mind and soul -on how we lead our life… So if our food is full of prana, lifeforce, it gives us the ability to lead our life to our fullest potential.

Prana Food is not just theory; it is based on Teachings taken from the MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing book. Everything around us emanates a certain type of energy; this energy is infused by a colour when seen clairvoyantly. To take it one step further, each colour has qualities, all of which are needed for our system at certain times. Too much of one colour, or various combinations can have negative effects on our physical body, our emotions, our mind and our spiritual evolution.

This is what Hippocrates truly meant with the motto ‘We are what we Eat’.

Food that is pure, full of energy, gives you much more than just the feeling of satisfaction to the taste buds.

It nourishes your body, mind, senses and soul, while increasing physical energy, positive thinking, creativity, longevity and heightened awareness of life in all its beauty. It brings us close to the Divine state. Science has studied nutrition from the chemical viewpoint: proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, minerals, fats and vitamins. So far, science at the present moment is not aware of the existence of prana; therefore, has not studied nutrition from the pranic viewpoint: the quantity and types of color prana contained in foods, and how prana affects the human body.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Food is one of our links to the Sun, to nature. Each bite contains a hue of the Sun and the Earth. You can think of foods as being part of being part of two groups:

  1. Living foods that are in tune to the Sun and Earth Prana (energy giving foods)
  2. Non-living foods, that dim your inner prana.

Energy giving foods are whole, unprocessed foods, that have been touched by sunlight and the ground. Think of seasonal organic veggies as kale and asparagus, fresh fruit like pineapple and avocado. Eating seasonal fruit and veg helps you keep in synch with the cycles of nature. Your body’s needs for certain food changes according to the seasons of the year.

The best foods are raw or lightly cooked. The further the food is from its source, the less prana it will contain. Eat locally, eat fresh. Refined sugars, margarines, artificial sweeteners, some drinks including alcohol take away prana.

Eating well is an act of self-love!

The cooker is a spot of concentrated energy connected to fire When we cook, beings and deities of the kitchen are there with you. Invoke for their guidance, their love, allow your intuition to open up, to receive their messages & give them gratitude. Be respectful to these deities. One way to infuse your kitchen with love is to do your daily Twin Heart Meditation there. The Greek word for ‘cooking’ is ‘magirevo’, comes from the word ‘mageia’, ‘magic’. Be your own alchemist and do your own ‘magic’ in the kitchen.

The energy within the kitchen will seep into the food and drinks. Make sure the kitchen is a canvas of love.

If you cook while you are sad or angry, this energy will also be part of your meal. Cooking is a form of meditation, of generosity and abundance. Even the simplest of meals can fill the receiver with joy and love.

‘The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.’ Ann Wigmore