Pranic Body Sculpting & Face-Lift are the application of Pranic Healing dealing with health and beauty!

Pranic Body Sculpting & Face-Lift are the application of Pranic Healing dealing with health and beauty. It helps you look prettier and lose weight without surgery, exhausting exercises & medicine, just by using the knowledge of subtle energy.

Certain color Pranas have the power to disintegrate & remove fat, wrinkles and lines from your system to create a healthier and better-looking body. In fact these are storages of negative & unpleasant feelings & experiences such as anger, fear and grief.

When this emotional garbage is cleared and released, the face will look younger, brighter and revitalized.

In cultures past and present, there has always been preoccupation with beauty and aesthetic appearance. A beautiful face and good looks is something every person is expected to achieve. Good looks express good character… and the face is always the first thing that people notice and perhaps maybe the only basis for judgmental and lasting impression.

As the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, the face is the reflection and visible image of beauty, health and happiness of the whole body. If something is not right internally, it shows on the face. The face conveys every pleasure, misery, anxiety or worry. A troubled face reflects inner struggle or problems while a happy and cheerful face can captivate and influence relationship with others. In contrast to other parts of the body, one cannot hide the face, as it is always open for analysis, impressions and scrutiny. By applying Pranic Face Lift stress energy can be removed or disintegrated and the skin is toned and nourished. This results in a refreshed, energized and healthy face. By applying Pranic Weight loss and Body Sculpting one can become toned enabling one to be more energetic and productive.

Pranic Healing can help with:

Weight Loss
Reducing Body Fat & Shaping the Body
Skin Care
Removing Wrinkles
Removing Dark Circles
Make the Skin Look Shiny and Bright
Removing Excess Desire to Eat
Stay Fit and Happy

At Pranic Healing Greece all sessions are performed by certified, experienced therapists.