Lets Go Eco Friendly

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A Call to the World: Make it known that spirituality is Green!

From the onset of our path in Pranic Healing, from the very first encounter, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui gives us the gift of Twin Hearts Meditation. We are invited to bless Mother Earth and all her visible and invisible inhabitants with Peace and Love, with Abundance and Spirituality, with Healing and Light.  In every step of the way on our pursuit to becoming better human beings, His Teachings and practices carry the constant reminder of our connection with All Beings and especially with our connection to Earth.

The realisation that we are being sustained by Mother Earth not only physically, but energetically, emotionally and spiritually starts taking shape. Gradually, we also become aware that this relationship is mutual, it is alive, and it needs to be nurtured. As Mother Earth nurtures us on more than one level, we too need to nurture Mother Earth.

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui teaches us that our existence, our roots extend deep into the Earth and , we are interconnected in consciousness. Humanity’s evolution and the Earth’s evolution are intertwined and interdependent. Our actions, behaviours & collective thoughts resonate throughout the planet – our health, our wellbeing, the places we inhabit, our understanding are all affected by Her vibrations.  When there is good soil, our food is fortified and filled with light and vitality.  The immediate and direct impact of communicating with water has been validated. We can literally change the molecular structure of water by our thoughts, emotions and words. When we project love, beauty, healing, peace & harmony to Mother Earth , our consciousness is pulled upwards. Evolution is determined by every act and thought, with every nurturing moment we impart to Earth.

According to the Principle of Correspondence, the energy we emanate, our thoughts and emotions can be as polluting to our planet as rubbish or they can be as energising as an invisible hug.

Therefore we have  made it our mission to bring this relationship to the fore in 2020’s Arhatic Yoga Retreat in Greece.

We are putting our Green minds to practice, starting now by making a call to the entire Arhatic Family and global community to co-create a New Universal Thoughtform that a Happy, Healthy, Hopeful, Powerful Earth is possible NOW and within our reach. A new dawn emerging for the generations to come. The priceless teachings of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui remind us every day we do not need to feel overwhelmed, we do not need to feel helpless as individuals – the power to transform the planet is within our loving hearts and healing hands!

In the words of The Teacher: “only Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Actions!”

Here is what you can expect in the first eco-friendly Arhatic Yoga Retreat in Europe.

Love for our planet put into actions:

Good Thoughts with daily practise of Blessing and Gratitude to Mother Earth and all sentient beings that share this home.

Good Energy:  During a very  Special Full Moon Meditation at the Retreat:  The Masters will share powerful teachings on the energetic and spiritual connection we have with every aspect of Mother Earth and the role humanity has in Planetary evolution.  We will be given greater understanding of the deeper meaning of manifesting the Divine Plan on Earth

Good Words: We are spreading the word! Check in regularly for updates, inspirations and tips in our eco-friendly journey. Share your ideas with us on our dedicated Facebook page and make it known that spirituality is Green!

Good Actions: We are literally bringing Nature into the auditorium! Specific Plants which energetically cleanse the atmosphere will be joining us next year! In fact the entire decoration will be woven into our eco-motto. Expect Green gift bags and shop items too. Oh! And forget plastic badges, we are going fabric!

Finally, we are putting great efforts to make the food as local and organic as possible, albeit within the means of our hotel.

But why wait until the Retreat? Our commitment and Love for our planet will be manifested with a series of eco-friendly initiatives all the way to the Retreat, so look forward to some fun videos!

As spiritual beings we are taught to be aware of and respect our connection to all aspects of God’s creation. So please share with us your manifestations of Love for our Planet, our common home. It is our collective duty to play our part and Make Mother Earth Shine!

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