Protect yourself and loved ones with Pranic Healing Techniques!

Do you feel that some people are draining your energy? Do you often get ‘the evil eye’? Do you feel uncomfortable in certain places or when you are with certain people? The secret is to build up a strong energy field that will repel any lower energy frequency that is directed towards you. Pranic Healing uses techniques for creating protection shields, to protect your personal space or objects, to cut unwanted energy connections and to create a strong energy field.

We live in an ocean of energy. Quantum physics has recently proven that everything around us is energy. The fact that we do not see it does not mean that it does not exist. In our daily lives, energy can strengthen or weaken us. You might have noticed that when you are with some people you will feel happy, strong, full of life. On the contrary, when you are with certain other people you may feel exhausted, in a bad mood and want to leave quickly. This is because the energies between people are constantly intertwined, creating energy connections which affect us physically and emotionally. For example, an environment full of stress will make us feel stressed. But if a home is full of joy and love, it will make us feel joy and peace.

In Pranic Healing we know that similar energies tend to attract each other. When someone is already angry, they will attract the same energy from anyone around them who is also angry! When someone has a lack of energy, they will attract energy from someone who is also weak in energy. This will create a draining feeling for one and a large inflow of energy for the other. This is what we call the ‘evil eye’.

Pranic Healing offers:

Techniques for cutting unwanted energy connections
Techniques for strengthening our energy field
Protection and cleansing of space and objects
The seminar ‘MCKS Psychic Self-Defense for Home & Office’
Relationship healing
Understanding of how psychic attacks work and how you can protect yourself from them
Energy shields for your personal belongings, including your financial assets
Techniques to stop ‘psychic vampires’ from draining your life force

At Pranic Healing Greece all sessions are performed by certified, experienced therapists.