Pranic Parenting offers holistic solutions for development of children!

In today’s hectic world, parents have busier schedules and children are asked to do more and more. An energy healing modality that is very well suited for parenting in the modern age, Pranic Healing provides a fast and easy way to help keep the whole family healthy, increase academic performance, and improve energy and mental clarity.

The Pranic Healing system provides numerous practical tools and techniques that can make life easier for both parents and children. Pranic Healing was originally developed by Master Choa Kok Sui to complement modern medicine. However, techniques and principles of Pranic Healing can be applied by parents to keep their children healthy, do better in school, and for the entire family to have more energy and joy in life. Best of all, Pranic Healing is easy to learn, can be done anywhere and at any time, and provides consistent results. Truly, no one should have to parent without Pranic Healing.

The best part about Pranic Healing is that everyone has the ability to heal and produce consistent results, and emergencies can be quickly handled (though we all need occasional trips to the doctors for medical advice and treatment). Rohit Handa, a Pranic Healing Graduate shares his experience around how Pranic Healing came to his aid when his son (4 years old) fell ill with high fever during a vacation to Russia: “Overall this was a challenging situation given that I was on a trip overseas with limited access to doctors. Also the temperature was significantly high at 104-degrees F. I applied the protocol for fever four times over the duration of 2 days. For one I found that the temperature immediately came under control… and was gone in two days. The rest of the trip was uneventful and my children enjoyed themselves.”

Pranic Healing can help with:

Keeping Your Child Healthy
Handle Emergencies
Aid a Child’s Personality Development
Improve Academic Performance
Protection from Harm
Create Amazing Human Beings
Create a Happy Household

At Pranic Healing Greece all sessions are performed by certified, experienced therapists.