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We offer Healing, Spiritual, Prosperity & Manifestation and Higher courses. These are based on the knowledge of energetic anatomy. The purpose of MCKS seminars is to give us an understanding on how to handle energy to improve our health, to feel better, living a better life. You will be trained in applying healing protocols. Specific steps are taken for each ailment from the simplest to the most complex. Instructors overlook the techniques and practices. The sessions are clear and concise, with practical application from day 1.At the end of each Course the students will receive the official certificate of participation from the Institute of Inner Studies(IISI).

Pranic Healing is for Everyone over 18, is easy to apply and requires no special skills.

At Rama, Yorgos Stamoulis and Chiara Perfetti are IISI authorised instructors since 2008 and co-teach most of the Pranic Healing seminars. The Higher Courses are taught by the 8 Pranic Healing Masters who visit Greece at least twice per year.

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