Pranic Healing techniques have proven effective dealing with addictions!

Addictions are also energy; Pranic Healing can help with such cases applying Pranic Psychotherapy. We mainly use cleansing and energizing techniques, applied in the energy field. From the first session, the patient will feel relief. Pranic Healing offers: ‘Stop Smoking’ with only 1 session, treatment for eating disorders, gambling, alcoholism, addiction to video games, drugs and sex. Without any touching, pain, drugs or side-effects.

Pranic Healing is extremely effective in treating addictions. So much so that ‘Stop Smoking’ occurs in a single session only, without pain, without side effects, and without being touched. It is an innovative, non-invasive method that will help you beat this addiction forever! Unfortunately, the process for other types of addictions is different and a bit more time consuming, but the effectiveness remains the same.

The improvement is guaranteed from the first session. The first necessary step is for the patient to recognize his or her addiction and to seek help. The healing protocol requires that the patient will also be involved in his treatment, applying the advice and techniques he will be taught by the healer. The change starts with patient himself and continues until his / her treatment and rehabilitation.

As with any other physical or psychological treatment, Pranic Healing will cooperate whenever needed with the orthodox medicine and with the specialists of each patient. One method does not exclude the other.

Pranic Healing offers:

‘Stop Smoking’ in only 1 session
Treatment of eating disorders
Treatment of video game addictions
Treatment for gambling
Treatment for alcoholism
Treatment for drug addiction
Treatment for sex addiction

At Pranic Healing Greece all sessions are performed by certified, experienced therapists.