• In 2006 opens the 1st Pranic Healing Center.
  • Initiation of the 1st Greek Certification Program for Pranic Healers.
  • Pioneering research studies and clinical trials with various universities to validate the efficacy of the benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts. This meditation is truly a life-changer. It is the go -to meditation for all students and practitioners of Pranic Healing but you do not have to be a pranic healer to practice it. The Meditation on twin Hearts is truly a gift from the Great Ones and is for everyone!
  • Hosting the largest public gathering for a Full Moon Meditation in Greece. It was so inspiring to see 600 people meditating together!
  • Launching the 1st programs for IEK vocational institutes in Athens. Bridging Pranic Healing and education is one of our ongoing goals. Bridging Pranic Healing and education is one of our ongoing goals.
  • Creating an exciting new platform to host online courses in Greece. It has been so wonderful to reach an audience who may otherwise be restricted in travelling to classes in person!
  • Hosting the 1stArhatic Yoga seminars in Greece. The Rama team also organised the 1st Arhatic Yoga Retreat in Greece in 2017. Over 400 participants arrived from around the world, one of our most cherished moments.
  • Rama has a team of dedicated translators who are consistently updating and translating the books & cds of Master Choa Kok Sui making them accessible to a Greek audience.
  • Implementing the national Stop Smoking with Pranic Healing campaign as well as carrying out Pranic Sport Therapy programs for professional athletes and body therapists.
  • Yiorgos & Chiara make regular appearances on National television in Greece &  Cyprus promoting the numerous benefits that Pranic Healing can give to enhance any lifestyle.

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