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At Rama we offer healing sessions for physical, emotional and mental ailments and conditions.

Healing sessions can take place at one of our centers with Pranic Healing certified therapists, online, or through distant Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing is based on the principle of the body having an innate ability to heal itself. Therapists remove the blockages and boost this process to occur faster and safely, following a specific protocol. Distant healing is based on the principle of Transference and Oneness. The results are the same with one-on-one healing.

Therapists do not touch the patients and there are no side-effects. Improvement will be felt after the first session. Repetition of the healing will depend on the ailment, age and other conditions.

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Attention: Pranic Healing is not intended to replace Orthodox Medicine but rather to complement it. If the symptoms persist please seek advice from a medical doctor.

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