The Alchemy of Romance


‘The Alchemy of Romance’,  Building healthy, strong, relationships

Online live session

with Chiara Perfetti & τον Γιώργο Σταμούλη 
Beyond The Mind By IISI
February 5th, 21:00 – 23:00 (GMT+8) 
The Alchemy of Romance
Online live session with Chiara Perfetti & Yiorgos Stamoulis
Beyond The Mind By IISI
Lessons we have learnt, habits we have adopted, and many more tips from our relationship.
Through the Teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui we have been equipped to foster happy and successful romantic relationships. Not only has He written extensively on the subject, He created a seminar exclusively on the matter. However, no matter how much we learn about relationships, it is only when we fail and succeed in them, when we dare, when we fall flat, that we can truly learn. As a couple, we have done just that. Through the various dynamics, we have managed to put forth habits and practices through which we maintain a blissful balance. Relationships are energy, but this energy can be light and refined, or heavy and stagnant. It is only when each couple find and implement their own set of guidelines, that happiness comes effortlessly.
We are so happy to share what we have learnt and practices over the years with all of you.
Together we will go through:
  • The Importance of Mindful Listening and how to achieve it.
  • How to Create a Solid Base that will keep you going through any challenge.
  • How to Laugh no matter what! Humor & Laughter are bonding factors, let’s cultivate them!
  • How to argue!
  • How to maintain a solid partnership as parents.
  • Handling finances as a couple.
  • Using energy to mend and strengthen your relationship.
  • How to sustain a long-lasting relationship Sexual energy- how not to let it dwindle in time.
  • Why Celebrating Your Love is key!
As always, we are blending theory with practice, so join with your partner for a playful, constructive time!
Saturday, February 5th, 21:00 – 23:00 (GMT+8)
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The session is open to all!
Translation will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & Greek.
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