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Welcome to our Online Pranic Healing Shop!

Pranic Healing uses crystals, essential oils and incense sticks to purify spaces, in healing and to energise our bodies.

Essential oils enhance energy, can be used for protection, for healing and energy boosts! Anoint your energy centers, add a few drops to your bath, spray your room or use for the Pranic Healing spray.

For proper Pranic Healing use of essential oils, crystals and incense sticks, tips and techniques, we invite you to enrol on one of the courses.

Crystals are imported from Brazil and India especially formulated for Pranic Healing use. The prices are competitive, and the quality is high. All crystals have been designed accorded to instructions given by Master Choa especially for Pranic Crystal Therapy, Pranic Psychotherapy and Pranic Self-Defence. We offer disintegrators, healing crystals and activators.

We design our own Pranic Healing jewellery, in gold and silver adorned with precious stones, which carry specific energies. Look out for our prosperity bags designed by Rama’s creative team to boost your abundance, clothing, silk shawls for meditation and outerwear.

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