Children are the assets of Future!

Let us help the next generations as they enter a world of challenges, difficulties, and aggressive competition. Boosting their energy will allow them to cope and become stronger, optimistic, and happy. Pranic Healing also helps with: ADHD, learning disabilities, stress, hyperactivity, autism, Asperger’s, etc.

Modern culture offers us many tools from a very young age on how we can manage practical problems using our mental faculties but lacks in providing the same tools for managing troubled emotional states. Therefore, children grow up with practical, academic knowledge, without being able to manage stress, changes, difficulties, aggressive competition, and the fast pace of the modern world.  It has been observed that children and especially teenagers, show tendencies of violence, self-injury, depression, and panic attacks, more and more frequently. This trend often leads to both social alienation and learning disabilities. Physical and hormonal changes often lead to ailments like acne, eating disorders, mood swings and behavioral changes.

Pranic healing, through Pranic Psychotherapy, is very effective with alleviating children from emotional pain, and boosting their energy field so that they can face any emotional turbulence that comes their way.  Moreover, for children who are born with disfunctions that concern the mind, their mobility or their development, Pranic Healing helps both the condition and the patient’s quality of life.

Pranic Healing offers:

Practices to increase concentration and productivity
Practices to calm the emotions when the child is experiencing stressful situations
Superbrain Yoga for fast learning and memory enhancement
Treatment for hyperactivity
Pranic Psychotherapy to treat self-injury, depression and anxiety
Treatment for acne
Treatment for phobias and trauma
Solutions for eating disorders
Pranic Healing for children with Asperger’s, autism and mental disability

Every house reflects and is filled with the energy of all who live in it. This means that as parents we must take part in the treatment and create an energy-positive atmosphere for the protection and good psychological and physical well-being of our children.