• Twin Hearts Meditation

    Meditation on Twin Hearts is an advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness.

  • Arhatic Yoga 21st Century

    Listen to Master Hector taking about Arhatic Yoga.

  • Introduction to Pranic Healing

    What is Pranic Healing? An introduction by PranaWorld.

  • CBS News Pranic Healing

    This video is taken by CBS News showing the effectiveness of Pranic Healing dealing with health.

  • What is Arhatic Yoga?

    Listen to George Mitsikostas taling about Arhatic Yoga, Developed by Master Choa Kok Sui,  in his very charismatic way.

  • Pranic Healing by Chiara Perfetti

    Listen to Chiara Perfetti as she explains about Pranic Healing.

  • Pranic Face Lifting

    Watch Chiara Perfetti applying Pranic Face Lifting.

  • What is An Arhatic Yoga Retreat?

    Listen to Master Hector Ramos sharing about an Arhatic Yoga Retreat.

  • How Can Pranic Healing Help Us During Crisis Periods?

    Listen to Master Hector Ramos as he shared how Pranic Healing can help us during the time of crisis.

  • Attracting Prosperity & Happiness

    Listen to George Mitsikostas talking about how we can create prosperity and happiness in our lives using Pranic Healing.