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Rama Pranic Healing Greece is also a bookstore where you can purchase MCKS books and CDs directly via the Rama e-shop, by visiting one of our centers, or in selected bookstores in Greece and Cyprus.

These are invaluable companions to your practice and vital for following the MCKS Courses.

All the Teachings, techniques and protocols are included in the books. Many of the protocols are not taught during the seminars.

All meditations on the CDs are given by Master Choa and carry His energy, boosting your practice manyfold.

Most of the Greek translations are an outcome of many years of effort by Rama’s team, who have translated, published and distributed these books in Greece and Cyprus.

At our Pranic Bookstore you can also find all Pranic Healing Books & CDs in English & in other Languages

Please ask Rama for offers for books and CDs.

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