Any-Body can be perfect

Any-Body Can Be Perfect – Series Free yourself from Emotional Eating The Pranic Healing Approach

Online live series with Chiara Perfetti 1,2,3 March at 18:00 – 21:00

After the success of our previous online series we will be back in June! Together we will set new goals and share techniques to free yourself from emotional eating, food addiction and other eating disorders forever! Tap into the power of energy and change your life!
Testimonial: “At the second session of “Any Body can be perfect”, after the techniques and meditations, I was feeling very optimistic. Even though I used to be addicted to sugar, for the next 3 weeks and up to now, I did not feel cravings for sweets, even though I went to my favorite pastry shop to buy a gift. In there, surrounded by all of my once-beloved treats, I was looking at them as if they were made of paper, feeling nothing for them and not caring if I did not taste them again. This keeps until today. It is a wonderful new feeling of freedom! Thank you for everything!” V.K.
The ANY-BODY CAN BE PERFECT SERIES is designed to support any-body with Eating Disorders or any-body with a difficult relationship with food. Eating Disorders involve emotions, and emotions are energy. With the help of Pranic Healing we can bring balance to our emotional state, thus eliminating cravings and emotional eating. Change your relationship with food & get free from eating disorders with the help of Pranic Healing! We were all born with a normal relationship with food. But somewhere along the line we develop an unhealthy approach to eating. The good news is you can trace back to where, how, and why that happened. In this online session Chiara Perfetti will focus on mind, body & emotions giving a holistic approach to eating disorders. It is time to realize that we are responsible for our health in every aspect of our being. Food is energy and we are going to use many powerful energetic techniques to control our mind, our body and our emotions and create a healthy relationship with food. Some of the things that will be covered in the sessions:
  • Uncover the main cause of your eating behaviour
  • Exercises to re-program your subconscious mind and create a healthy connection with food
  • The power of the mind / ways to control and change our unconscious beliefs about our value, self love etc
  • Techniques to create a new version of yourself!
  • Ways to achieve long-lasting change
  • Practical exercises to change the way you see yourself and food
  • What type of eater are you? time for awareness
  • Techniques based on MCKS Pranic Healing for inner transformation and happiness
  • MCKS Twin Hearts Meditation for self love, acceptance and sharing this love to the whole world
  • Prana Food – why is it so healthy and energy uplifting?
  • Feelings will always overcome logic
  • Overcome the fear of rejection
  • Put an end to cravings
  • Core beliefs transformation meditation
  • As a special bonus we will have a surprise for you at the end of each session!
If this is your first step you will have many tools to change your life. Please join us only if your intention for a new happy life is loud & clear! Lesson 1: November 12th: Find Your Why – Your Motivation For Transformation If you join this session, you are aware that there is something you need to fix in your relationship with food. In the first lesson in this series, we will discover the motivating factors to make the change, starting with your WHY, which is your unique reason for transformation. Your WHY and your small triumphs will keep you going through the entire process of mending this relationship. You are deciding to put yourself first, putting a stop to emotional eating and cravings! You are not powerless! It’s time to take control over your eating habits! You are born to be happy! Special Bonus meditation in this session! Lesson 2: November 13th: The Power Of The Mind = The Power Of Manifesting A New Reality Eating disorders are strictly connected with our thoughts and our emotions. In this session we will tap into the power of the subconscious mind, erasing past programming and negative thoughts related to food. Find out the 5 levels of consciousness and how to use them to reframe your subconscious. Tell your subconscious mind that you want to eat healthily, and it will listen and follow your instructions.  Reprogramme the subconscious mind so that it works to Your advantage! We will get into a ‘High Peak State’ to manifest a new healthy body and mind. Bonus: Special Techniques and Practical tips! Lesson 3: November 19th: How To Break The Mechanism Of Pain & Pleasure We are hardwired to move from pain to pleasure. Staying in the comfort zone means eating soothing food which give you instant pleasure only. We will break the emotional eating cycle and we will identify our personal triggers. You will be taught how to manage your emotions, so you don’t treat food as a solution. To stop emotional eating, you must find other ways to fulfil yourself emotionally. You need alternatives to food that you can turn to for emotional fulfilment. Learn how to make your thoughts about food reality. Visualise, feel and believe! Bonus: Special Techniques and Practical tips! Lesson 4: November 20th: Conquer Your Cravings & Free Yourself! You have more power over your cravings than you think! You are the only person that can control your thought, your emotions, your body and its needs. Find out what each craving means about you and how to energetically cut the cord between you and your ‘favourite’ food. Learn the STOP technique which you can use when you are hit by a craving. We will talk about Prana Food and how it can bring balance to your entire being so that you can swap to healthier food choices. Lesson 5: November 27th: Mindful Eating. Stay Connected! Switch from emotional eating to mindful eating. Learn how to stay connected to your moment-to-moment emotional experiences. Awareness is the key! You will discover a new way to connect with food and with people and enjoy every single bite! Learn how to slow down when eating food and when living life… At this stage, food is not your enemy anymore. You are enjoying your new lifestyle, your new YOU! Prana Food Cooking Class – Boost Your System With Energy Are you ready to learn how to combine ingredients in order to boost your activity, to calm and relax, to be more focused or to be more adventurous? We have a list of recipes that we will prepare together to add to your healthy culinary menu! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are going to be joy from now, easy to prepare and full of prana! During  the sessions we wil have as a guest Irene Tourlente – Psychologist and expert in eating disorders. All sessions will take place at 18.00-20.00 The sessions will be conducted in English language Translation will be offered for the Greek language.

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Donations are not refundable All your donations will support the ‘Love For Humanity’ Organisation & ‘ORAMA AGAPIS’ The recording of the sessions will not be available to the participants The sessions are interactive, so please note that your camera should be ‘on’ during the whole session Any kind of recording is strictly not allowed The sessions are open to all!