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The Vision of Rama

Rama was created with the sole purpose of spreading MCKS Pranic Healing  teachings and techniques to improve the quality of life for the people of Greece. Especially the most vulnerable groups of society through our various charitable & service oriented activities

As Rama is a recognised non-profit organisation, all the activities and administration is operated by an ever growing and dedicated team of volunteers

Our vision is to help uplift human consciousness and alleviate the suffering experienced in life’s journey. In particular to help through  Pranic Healing, with physical & psychological conditions & illnesses, pain management, relations healing ,  financial healing and spiritual growth. We aspire to offer our services as a ray of Hope to a needy world and demonstrate that it is through Love & Service that healing is possible for anyone. Rama is a non-profit, self-sustaining entity with all proceeds donated as regular tithing to specific charities in Greece and throughout the world.

Information on our charitable Activities here.