From the launch of Rama in 2005 and the first Basic seminar in Greece in 2006, our motivation has been to help others improve their lives, as we ourselves have seen our lives been enriched since our first encounter with Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

The improvement is not just physical or emotional; Pranic Healing addresses and affects all aspects of life. Whether it is financial security, relationship improvement, spirituality or finding one’s balance, Pranic Healing gives each student what they truly need to evolve.

Since 2005, we have seen the Rama team grow and expand, reaching many parts of Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Ireland, where Rama holds the official Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga licence. Many of Rama’s former & current students, such as Vasilis Kourtis, Α.Μ., Haris Bardis, Stefania Kokotini and Dimitris Vassilopoulos have gone on to become instructors, group facilitators and open their own centres.

Through teamwork and with an emphasis on service and volunteer projects, Rama has experienced several highlights over the years. Group-work is synergy, and it is this combined effort that is the foundation of many of Rama’s successes.

Both personally and professionally we continue to research, to expand and explore, as our goal to broaden the Pranic Healing team intensifies and the global need to heal, to understand, to harmonize, still soars.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our full-time centres or online and to support you in your life journey!

Yiorgos Stamoulis & Chiara Perfetti
Directors of Rama

The Directors of Rama, husband & wife team Yiorgos Stamoulis & Chiara Perfetti, originally trained in Pranic Healing in Italy in 2004. Together they organized the first seminars in Greece which were taught by Italian Senior Instructor Riccardo Scornajenghi.  They founded Rama as The Greek Organization of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga to introduce the teachings and techniques of Pranic Healing throughout the whole country. Today, as certified instructors licensed by The Institute for Inner Studies, Chiara and Yiorgos hold seminars for all Pranic Healing Courses in Greece & Cyprus, as well as organizing higher courses and special events with the Senior Teachers and Masters in MCKS Pranic Healing. Chiara & Yiorgos appear regularly on television & radio on shows in Greece and Cyprus, discussing a range of topics from Stress Relieving tips, Meditation, Vitality Boosting practices and Prana foods for Healthy Lifestyles.

They are dedicated students, Pranic Healers and Instructors, ensuring a constant quality of the Teachings, to all by offering services, healing clinics, private treatments, nurturing sessions and regular meditation events.

Yiorgos Stamoulis


Chiara Perfetti

Riccardo Scornajenghi

Rama – Greek organization of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga


Rama was the 1st Pranic Healing Centre in Greece. Rama is an official non-profit organization for the dissemination of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s School of Healing throughout Greece and is affiliated to the Institute of Inner Studies Inc., the Global Flagship organisation for Pranic Healing worldwide.

– The Vision of –

Our vision is to help uplift human consciousness and alleviate the suffering experienced in life’s journey. In particular to help through  Pranic Healing, with physical & psychological conditions & illnesses, pain management, relations healing ,  financial healing and spiritual growth.

– We Are –
Eco Friendly

As we develop, the realisation that we are being sustained by Mother Earth not only physically, but energetically, emotionally and spiritually starts taking shape. As Mother Earth nurtures us on more than one level, we too need to nurture Mother Earth.

People from every part of society are interested in Pranic Healing as a holistic way of life!

– Testimonials from The Heart –

“Advanced Pranic Healing is really mind blowing. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for THE teaching.” c f y