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Pranic Healing in Thessaloniki

Rama – Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga, brought Pranic Healing in Thessaloniki in 2009, where we organised the 1st Pranic Healing Seminar, with the presence of the Senior Instructor Riccardo Scornajenghi and Yiorgo Stamoulis.

Since then a lot of Instructors have visited Thessaloniki to teach Pranic Healing Seminars (Yiorgos Stamoulis, Chiara Perfetti, Stefania Kokotini). Students in Thessaloniki run on a weekly basis Healing Sessions & Meditation on Twin Hearts.

In 2016 Master Hector Ramos one of the 8 Masters Worldwide, has also visited Thessaloniki bringing Master Choa Kok Sui’s Teaching to a wide audience.

In case you are interested regarding the Pranic Healing activities in Thessaloniki (Seminars, Healing Sessions, Meditations) please contact us : RamaThessaloniki or at 6945035945 (Eleni Stamataki).