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MCKS Seminars with Master Hector Ramos, June 2018

MCKS KriyaShakti

Weekend 2-3 of June 2018
Time: 09:00 – 19:00
Venue: Royal Olympic Hotel  (+30 210 9288400)
Cost: 450€
Package price (Both Seminars) : 650€
Review : 150€

All Prices don’t include VAT
Limited number of seats!

Material abundance gives you freedom to pursue spiritual goals. MCKS Kriya$hakti teaches you how to properly harness the power of your thoughts, subtle energies and your auric field to Create a Life of Prosperity and Success both Materially as well as Spiritually!

We constantly refer to the word Prosperity in our lives. We wish it for our friends and family in times of celebration, we sign up for seminars advertising prosperity, abundance and good fortune as their main topics.  We come across books and “good luck charms” that promise to deliver Propserity almost immediately – but at the end of the day, are all these good wishes and approaches capable of generating  the results we desire? And how easy or difficult is it to influence and achieve Abundance & Prosperity?

As GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui says “Success does not necessarily depend on hard physical work. Reformulate your strategy. Work through the Details!”

and there are indeed ancient powerful techniques that when practiced, can give you abundance, success & prosperity.

MCKS Kriyashakti® is a revolutionary seminar because the techniques taught in it, will help you radically change the way you think and therefore your entire life. The practice of the techniques taught combined with dedicated focus  to your target, will help you materialize personal and professional goals and manifest your dreams.

The Condition of your Chakras affects your Prosperity. When you Change the Inner World, you change the physical world” – GMCKS


Prosperity is a kind of Energy and is ruled by the laws of attraction and repulsion. It starts with our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Sometimes even the most intense physical effort is  not combined with intelligent Inner work and our goals and aspirations fail to materialize.

You can work 24/7 and your financial state may not improve unless your energy changes first

MCKS Kriyashakti® gives us the tools necessary to harness energy properly in order to attract prosperity into our lives.

You will Learn Powerful Principles & “Hands On” Techniques:

  • Inner Kriya$hakti Learn at least 7 effective ways of Creating Powerful Thought Forms. Thought Forms act as your psychic assistants in the energy world to pave a way for manifesting what you want in the material world. Thought Forms have been called “genies” in ancient times.
  • Prosperity Meditations  Designed to purge old lingering negative programming from childhood and simultaneously build a network of powerful Thought Forms, interlaced into your aura, to continuously attract prosperity and wealth, even as you sleep – The Real Midas Touch!
  • Harness the Power of the Spoken Word to accelerate the manifestation of your thoughts and wishes!
  • Use Secret Hand Gestures (mudras) and Eye Positions known only to high level magicians of ancient times to make thoughts physicalize faster.
  • Learn a critical mudra NOT to use as this dematerializes your Thought Forms! Many spiritual practitioners are suffering unnecessarily because this teaching has not been available to them. Learn this priceless secret!
  • Use a powerful technique to trap and destroy negative Thought Forms and effects of psychic attacks.
  • Learn to harness the power of money and abundance to accelerate your spiritual development! This is indeed a priceless teaching that will assist many spiritual practitioners!
  • Practice a special “Concretizing Meditation” to quickly and systematically precipitate a thought or idea into physical form. This has been used by multimillionaires and heads of great organizations to achieve great wealth and massive success. Use it for your projects!
  • Learn to disintegrate self-sabotaging thought forms, prosperity guilt and poverty consciousness located in critical areas of your aura. Students have experienced immense relief and freedom after this powerful exercise.
  • Learn the Principle of Moderation and Accumulation used by the Asia’s Super Rich to accumulate & retain wealth for generations.
  • The Science of Tithing and Entitlement. Know where to give first and where to give last. The sequence allows you systematically create your own good luck. Learn a simple technique to Generate Prosperous Karma to entitle you to Prosperity and Abundance.
  • Locate and Activate your Pro$perity Chakra and be more practical and grounded. This also makes you more magnetic to Pro$perity and Success Energies.
  • You will be guided in many experiments to prove to yourself the efficacy of the teachings.
    Plus much more…

Once we understand and treat prosperity as a type of energy, we can transform every area of our lives using the simple yet powerful principles of Prana.

There is one more reason why Master Choa Kok Sui decided to deal with prosperity through Pranic Healing.

The empowerment of having abundance and prosperity in our own lives enable us to also be an instrument to help others

Prosperity gives us the finances & ability to help people that are in need – those closest to us like family and friends but also  our spiritual brothers and sisters in need all over the world. In MCKS Kriyashakti®we do not only learn how to make ourselves financial prosperous and abundant, but we are also given the ability to help others. A valuable reminder to us all for our spiritual development that there is no conflict between spirituality and financial prosperity, it is actually a manifestation of our development to combine and balance them both. in Kriyashakti you are reminded that money is not by definition neither good nor bad but simply a tool;  or as one of Master Choa’s Senior Disciples says “Money in the hands of good people can change the world”


MCKS Inner Hinduism Revealed®, with Master Hector Ramos

For the First Time in Greece!
Friday 1st of June 2018
Time: 08:30 – 18:00
Venue: Royal Olympic Hotel  (+30 210 9288400)
Special Price: 250€ (Regular Cost: 300€)

Package price (Both Seminars) : 650€
Review : 100€

All Prices Don’t Include VAT
Limited number of seats!

“The similarities between different traditions will help you to understand spiritual truths from a Universal perspective, not just a cultural one. Truth is Universal.  Spiritual truths do not belong to any one culture or religion.” – Master Choa Kok Sui


Hinduism is not based on single scripture, book or a spiritual teacher like many religions. It consists of cultural stories, symbols, rites & rituals with deep esoteric & hidden meaning. In this powerful workshop Grand Master Choa Kok Sui explains the real meaning behind many of Hinduism’s practices. Taught by Master Hector Ramos – a Personal Disciple of GrandMaster Choa, Master Hector spent more than a decade living in India immersed in the richness & diversity of Hindu tradition

 “By understanding the inner teachings of Hinduism, the reader will not only appreciate the wisdom inherent in the religion. He will also learn several techniques that are an important part of spiritual practices.”  – GMCKS


Discover the mysteries behind the nature of the various Indian Deities and how to access their energies for self-transformation and self-healing.

Although many people think that Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, in its deepest essence Hinduism shares many of the core beliefs of the world’s great religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam because it embraces universal truths. Moreover, as a religion, is full of symbolism that applies to anyone from any  walk of life.

This workshop shows you a pragmatic approach to understanding the One Universal Formless God through a more than 8,000 year old religion. Drawing from His wealth of knowledge of different religions and cultures, and direct transmission from his Teacher, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui cuts through the superstitious beliefs to reveal the inner meanings and significance behind different deities, symbols and rituals that form an integral part of this powerful religion

Why does Ganesh have an Elephant Head? How is he connected with the Kundalini Shakti? Why only a single tusk?

Why are Shiva and Krishna shown with “blue skin”? How does it accelerate our Spiritual Development and the Indigo Children?

Was Hanuman really a monkey, why is he so powerful? Learn and harness Hanuman’s Secret of Power!

Learn and practice the Secrets of key Hindu Mantras like:

Om Namah Shivaya – access the Power aspect of the Soul

Gayatri Mantra – for Divine Guidance, Protection & to awaken Buddhi

Lakshmi Mantra – Manifesting Abundance & Pro$perity

And much more!


A Few words about Master Hector

A native of the Philippines, Master Hector Ramos studied with Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for 20 years.

As one of the senior most instructors in the world and one of the 8 Master Pranic Healers worldwide, Master Hector has been instrumental in spreading Pranic Healing and the higher teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui throughout the Philippines, India, Europe, Australia, parts of Asia, and the United States.

In his classes, Master Hector is known for his warmth, ease, humor, mysticism and adherence to maintaining a high and pure standard of teaching.

For years, he was the Acharya (spiritual mentor) in charge of the MCKS Pranic Healing Mission in India and of the MCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram (India) where he led classes, retreats, teacher training programs, meditations, study groups and hatha yoga sessions. Master Hector is now in charge of the Pranic Healing mission in Europe, and travels regularly to other parts of the world.

He also created the foundation “Hope for Children” in India, with the purpose of helping underprivileged children in India.