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Beauty without surgery!!!

Nowadays, in every place of the world, there is an obsession around beauty and appearance. More and more women as well as men, seek for the recipe of youth and stare themselves repeatedly at the mirror wishing to find ways to erase the wrinkles and look younger. In some countries, like Venezuela and Colombia, beauty is a national obsession, as it is proved by the countless beauty contests and model shows.

A beautiful face is something that every person would like to have. The face is always the first thing that people observe and most probably is the base for the first impression that stays in mind.

Since the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, the face is the reflection and the visible picture of the beauty and health condition of the whole body. If  your body is facing health problems, most of the times it reflects it’s condition on the face. A troubled face reflects inner battle or health problems. In contradiction with the other parts of the body, one cannot hide his face, since it is always exposed to all. Thus the quest of finding an effective beauty program for the face is always an on-going process.

While looking for the meaning and the importance of the factors that are connected with beauty, we should consider stress, painful psychological experiences as main factors that affect in a negative way our beauty. These negative energies are reflected on the face through face lines and wrinkles. A persistent “warrior” will have horizontal wrinkles on the front. A man that always frowns will have vertical lines between his eyebrows. An unhappy and sad man will have wrinkles at the side of his eyes and mouth. On the contrary, a very happy man will have “smile wrinkles” that tend upwards. Based on all above, one could say that the stress energy and the painful psychological experiences are stored on the face lines and the wrinkles of the face.

Pranic Face Lifting has evolved by Master Choa Kok Sui as a tool to be applied for facial corrections. It is a nonsurgical, non-intrusive Pranic Healing technique that is applied on the face aiming on the regeneration of the face and the reduction of its face lines and wrinkles. Pranic Face Lifting started back in early 2003, when Grand Master Choa Kok Sui applied Advanced Pranic Healing techniques on the face of his students in Los Angeles. They were very surprised when their faces started to look much younger after the disappearance of the face lines and wrinkles on most of the cases. The results were so impressive that a significant number of Pranic Healers requested Master Choa for face beauty Pranic Healing techniques. During the following months, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui continue applying Pranic Face Lifting  with great success and spectacular results. Pranic Healing Facial Rejuvanation is a particular technique that uses crystals for removing the accumulated stress and the painful psychological energies from the face.

Scientific Studies on Pranic Face Lift
This is a pilot study that started in New York and in New Jersey, aiming to show the safety and effectiveness of Pranic Face Lift. The subject study included 31 cases of volunteers from New York and New Jersey (29 women, 2 men, 4 white, 4 Asian with an average age of 43 years old) and it was held in a 5 weeks period. The Pranic Face Lift protocol was applied in a weekly basis. They took photographs and filled in questionnaires before and after treatment. There were positive useful results from the study. One of those was the fact that within 1-2 sessions the vertical wrinkles were completely disappeared.

Study results
• The vertical face lines between the eyebrows were completely disappeared after 1-2 sessions.
• The wrinkles and face lines on the side of the mouth and eyes and on the front, had disappeared or they were significantly less after 1-4 sessions.
• A glowing appearance was very obvious after the treatment.
• The face looked happy, light and relaxed.
• The tension on the face was set free. All the people that participated on the study looked younger.

Pranic Face Lift is applied by experienced Pranic Healing Healers that have attended MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing, MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy and MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing Seminars.

Pranic Face Lift uses color Prana energy Pranic Healing techniques on the face.

In Greece, Pranic Healing Face Lift sessions can be attended at Rama by Certified Pranic Healers since 2008 with excellent results.