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Mahasamadhi – March 19


From the moment someone is in his body any kind of liberation he achieves, the physical body will always be a barrier. Absolute liberations does not exist. The act where consciously and in purpose the body is abandoned, is the moment of enlighten. This moment is called Mahasamadhi. The process to achieve Mahasamadhi requires a great amount of energy. That is the moment where the living cycle of the physical body ends. There is not any possibility of rebirth. It is the complete dissolution. But in reality there is never an end. Life just crosses to another level.

This particular night we mediate altogether in order to live the union and connection with our beloved Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, His teacher MahaGuruji Mei Ling, the Spiritual fathers and finally with God.  The Teachings of our teacher Grand Master Choa Kok Sui -even if He has left His physical body- enlighten our lives. His Blessings give us power; His Words support and inspire us, till the glory of our existence is manifested.