Master Stephen Co

The Power of Sacred Symbols

Decoding the Mysteries used by the Ancients
Online live event with Master Stephen Co

October 31 at 19:00 – 22:00 (Greek time)

Don’t miss this very unique LIVE event online with Master Stephen Co to demystify the use of Symbols throughout the ages!

Join Master Co as he decodes the Ancient Mysteries of Symbols that we are more familiar with than we may even realize!

Just some of what will be covered in this very extraordinary session:

  • The power and purpose of Sacred Symbols throughout the ages
  • Why Symbols can have such powerful effect on our subconscious mind
  • Universal Symbols of Healing like the Hand of Fatima – the Staff of Asclepios – the Caduceus – The Symbol of Yin & Yang
  • Universal Symbols of Spirituality such as the Egyptian Ankh – the Cross
  • Symbols born of Sacred Geometry & the energy patterns of Creation
  • The geometry of Wesak
  • Universal Symbols like The Circle – the Spiral – The 5-pointed star
  • Symbols of Power like The Dorje – The Eagle – The Lightning Bolt– The Dragon & The Phoenix
  • Universal Symbols for Prosperity & Manifestation: The Greek Horn of Plenty /Roman Cornucopia– The Irish Pot of Gold – Goddess Lakshmi – Lord Kubera
  • Symbols as a gateway to expanded levels of consciousness in ritual & ceremony
  • Symbols for the Divine Names of God found within the Old Testament


Universally, Symbols have been used since time immemorial as part of our traditions, mythologies & rituals and are more than just a representation but actual gateways of manifesting spiritual life.
Come experience the energy and teachings behind some of the most ancient and well-known Symbols across all cultures.

Go beyond religion and discover a deeper Oneness with All
Learn about the energy and purpose behind Sacred Symbols and their presence in your daily life!

The Subtle influence of Symbols has been imprinted in Humanity’s consciousness throughout the ages.
Symbols are everywhere we look. But do we pay attention to their eternal messages? Do we recognize their influence on our thoughts, emotions & actions?
Come learn what makes design Sacred and Symbol an access to the Divine

“The Soul is always learning and we learn at all levels. My Teacher explained to me that even when we are busy or feel mentally tired, when we feel overloaded with information, the Soul is always learning and the Soul will retrieve that information when needed, when the time is right to put it to use”
Master Co

Over the past 18 months during the pandemic period, Master Co’s online ministry has been a daily source of inspiration to millions worldwide for personal empowerment, inner reflection and spiritual development.
Now, in this very unusual and distinctive offering you can gain a greater insight into Ancient Symbols and why they have such an enduring influence in our culture, society, religions & personal lives

Please note that your camera should be ‘ΟΝ’ during the whole session
Any kind of recording is strictly not allowed

Saturday October 31 at 19:00 – 22:00
(For your local time zone use the world clock here)

The session is open to all!

Translation will be offered for Spanish, Greek, Italian & Portuguese languages

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Minimum donation: 50 euros
Donations are not refundable

Contact info: +30 693 8880555 |

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