Pranic Healing and cancer desease

The recorded efficacy of Pranic Healing has been validated with over 30 years of scientific research, clinical trials and case studies as to its effectiveness for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. One of the most widely researched conditions with case specific protocols is in the treatment of Cancer. It is important to remember that Pranic Healing focusses on a complementary approach meaning that it is a wonderful form of treatment to work alongside and with allopathic medicine. Pranic Healers do not diagnose (unless they are qualified medical doctors), nor does Pranic Healing ever prescribe medications. In Pranic Healing the treatment of cancer utilises an integrated approach with several components:

  • First and foremost is continued proper medical treatment. This is up to the relationship between the scientist, medical doctors and patients to implement.
  • Next is proper Pranic treatment applied by a qualified Pranic Healer
  • Certain lifestyle changes need to be considered such as appropriate diet, exercise and environment
  • Proper Emotions. Our emotional & mental state is a key component in the body’s ability to assimilate the integrated healing approach and is proven to be directly linked with our physical well-being
  • Other factors to include can be meditation and other practices that allows the patient to be pro-active in their healing process and help improve their quality of life

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer and even the word itself carries with it so much energy of fear, worry, stress, anxiety, anger, and grief. These energies are very real and deeply affect not only the patient but also extend to their loved ones and those closest to them.  Sometimes, although unintentionally, the emotions of loved ones may unknowingly be projected to the patient. This of course is a natural occurrence because those who care about us will naturally be concerned and emotionally affected by a loved one’s illness. From a Pranic Healing point of view, avoiding negative emotions and feeling positive ones are essential for any healing process. This principle is also being adopted within hospitals and medical institutions worldwide for the last few decades in taking a more “whole-istic” approach to treatments to include sensory therapies, counselling and greater focus being given to the mental and emotional well-being of the patient to enhance the physical healing processes of the body.

In Pranic Healing we understand the mental /emotional state as energy patterns or thoughtforms and emotions that build up in the system which can either be beneficial or harmful to the overall healing process. Negative thoughts & emotions, especially persistent ones can often prevent the patient from being able to deal with their condition with mental clarity and peace. These stressful energies can also create energetic blockages that an ailing body truly does not need.

Pranic Healers are aware that the body is in a constant effort toward equilibrium, that is to say, bring about balance and maintaining or restoring suitable levels of health. So when our thoughts and emotions are counterproductive, this process becomes extremely difficult. Our body is like a computer and always processing everything it is exposed to including the energy of thoughts and emotions. Many cases have been recorded medically that the attitude or outlook of the patient contributes greatly to the responsiveness of treatment and overall quality of life

So what is the solution to taking control of this inner process? It is very difficult for a person in a stressful situation to simply stop the feeling of fear and wave of emotions from overtaking them, so the first aspect we would look at in Pranic Healing is the patient’s emotional state. This is done  through using the protocols of Pranic Psychotherapy where these harmful energies can be removed from within a person’s subtle body, channels and energy centres. This allows the energy body to find its equilibrium which is the blueprint that the physical body follows. This process requires little effort from the patient: he/she sits comfortably on a chair, while the healer works on removing any obstructing energies. It is a non-invasive no touch therapy and the Pranic Healer does not need to touch the patient’s body to produce results.

Parallel to this approach of emotional healing, there are specific protocols to help with the physical aspects of cancer. Please note that the aim of Pranic Healing is to work hand in hand with allopathic medicine as a complementary therapy, not an alternative one

Pranic Healing can help with pain management and is particularly useful during and after Chemotherapy treatments with the focus on alleviating the experience of side-effects. A Pranic Healing session can offer a better quality of life, a life with less pain, a better understanding of one’s mental/emotional state and ways to support our Inner well-being

For the healing to assimilate even further, the patient is also encouraged to be pro-active in their own healing by accepting that some lifestyle adjustments may need to be implemented. In this sense, the patient is empowered to work with the healer to bring about a positive change in their life.

It is important to emphasise that no patient is the same, and that in Pranic Healing each person is dealt with as an individual with personal & particular needs.  Using the specific and exact protocols that Master Choa Kok Sui developed, a unique healing program can be designed for each client

Pranic Healing offers a holistic treatment, to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life, helping to bring about inner peace during a turbulent time not only for the patient but also their loved ones and those affected by the diagnosis. Pranic Healing can offer comfort, respite, greater understanding and a more positive outlook by supporting the body’s ability to heal itself and the person’s understanding of their spiritual journey through the process.