How To Get Rich?

15 Practical Ways To Make Money

You are Destined to be Successful

Your attitude towards money matters! You may be among those people who think generating money is so simple and easy; or you might think it needs painstaking hard physical work…

You may see yourself swimming in waves of prosperity and abundance; or you might think that money is just not for you…

In fact the truth is “Your attitude reflects your financial condition.” MCKS

Some people, specially the ones who are pursuing a spiritual path, often think that materialism and money is not good, as they believe money is the source of evil. However taught by Master Choa Kok Sui, “being materialistic in a Spiritual way is good.”

If virtuous people are prosperous, the world will become a better place to live in as many people can be benefited from their generosity and will to do good.

In fact getting money is not so difficult, you just need to know how to prepare your system and how to look for it. Getting rich has a science behind it. You just need to follow the steps and the results will follow. Whatever you do, from whatever background you have come from and wherever you are right now, you can become prosperous. You just need to have a clear target, intention and plan and make yourself follow certain instructions.

We believe that the steps discussed here can help you reach your target effectively and in a shorter time.

1. Live on a budget

No matter how much you earn, if you know how to budget your expenses you can get rich. Write down your income and your expenses; see where you spend more. Cut down the unnecessary expenses. You don’t need to be very hard on yourself; put some budget for fun as well. The key is just to watch your expenses and moderate them. Watch out for small expenses. Go for the “needs” rather than “wants.”

Buy smart! Shops, supermarkets and products are sometimes very tempting. Don’t let yourself get emotionally affected by advertisements. Use your Mental Body rather than giving up to emotions; buy only what you need.

“Differentiate between necessities and desires. Differentiate between strong desire and spontaneous desire.” MCKS

Save Circle

2. Save

From your income, you need to save at least 10%.  Try to gradually increase it to 30% of your earning. There is a saying that “A penny saved is a penny earned!”

It is recommended to open a separate bank account only for your savings. The moment you get your salary or earn something, take out minimum 10% and put it in your savings bank account. If you don’t separate the saving from the money you have allocated for expenses, there is a tendency to spend them all.

3. Tithe

Tithing is a science. It is based on the Law of Karma; as you sow abundantly, you reap abundantly! “If you want millions of dollars, give and share wisely.” MCKS

Tithing is not an expense, it is an investment; a Karmic investment! There is a saying that what you give, you shall receive. We cannot reap what we have not sown! No giving means, no money. In fact the Law of Karma supersedes the Law of attraction. Even if you have a strong desire and you use several techniques such as visualization technique to achieve your dream, if you are not karmically entitled, you will not achieve it. Be wise! Create lots of good karma through tithing!

“The Science of Materialization works only if you have something to karmically withdraw. What you want to receive is what you must give.” MCKS

At least 10% of our income should be allocated for tithing and donation. This is the practice that many successful businessmen do including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Warrant Buffet. When you donate, do it wisely. It is better to use tithing for spiritual and educational scholarships, training people for new skills and supply projects. In this way many people can get benefited. And remember that when you tithe you also should be willing to receive. If you just wan to give, give and give but never willing to receive the prosperity energy cannot flow to your life. This in turn, affects your ability to give in the long run.

“Giving and receiving is a cycle. To break the cycle will result in disaster. Non-giving is disastrous. Non-receiving is equally disastrous. The cycle must be maintained.” MCKS

4. Buy good quality

It is not always good to buy cheap! Actually it is not really matter that what you buy is expensive or cheap, but it should be a good quality product. If you buy something just because it is cheap, it might not work long and you may need to change it again. You invest once in buying a good-quality product, you save on the future expenses. There is a saying that “I am not prosperous enough to buy cheap.”

5. Practice the virtue of “generosity and non-stealing”

As you give generously, you will receive abundantly. Generosity creates good karma of prosperity while stealing brings poverty.

Avoid stealing of any sort. There is a saying that “cheats never prosper.” Be generous! Generosity and non-stealing should be practiced at all levels; physically by being charitable and helpful, especially with money, emotionally by being warm and appreciative and mentally by avoiding plagiarism. Enviousness is also a form of stealing.

“An inability to feel happy when other people are successful will pull you down. Avoid enviousness.” MCKS

Pay whomever you need to pay, on time. If you have a business, pay your staff well and on time. If you have rentals to settle and payments to make, do it on time. When you delay in giving people their money, your money will be given to you with delay. Underpaying people is also a form of stealing. Practice justice.

Debt Circle

6. Go debt free

Try to keep your credit card record clean. Don’t go for a lot of loans and installments at once. If you use most of your income to pay for the loans and installments, there will be no money for savings, tithing and fun. Without tithing, your capacity to earn more will be affected. As much as you can, go debt free. “Never spend your money before you have it.” Thomas Jefferson

It is recommended to allocate about 20% of your income to pay your debts and installments. If you need to give more than 80% of your income for the loans, double think! Don’t cut down your 20% saving and 10% tithing. “It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It’s God’s will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt.” Joel Osteen

7. Work smart

First of all if you are applying to work in a company, look at the highest salary of the employees. If the highest salary is not what you are looking for, apply for another company, another job. Choose your job well. If it is something that you love doing, you will surely get successful.

Be prepared, work intelligent and industriousness. There is a saying that “money does not grow on trees.” You need to work for it; not necessarily very hard, but smart. Time management can help you prioritize your works and get them done effectively.

You also need to be responsible. “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Winston Churchill

If you have your own business, you need to have a clear purpose and plan well. It is believed that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Look at all the details and assess the risks. Most of the times failure happens because of not planning out the details well and inability to calculate the risks well.

“Avoid a big overhead or excessive expenses. Avoid financial risks” MCKS

When you want to start a project or invest in a business, ask yourself that if something goes wrong, can you still handle the risk or not?! Think! Plan properly and apply effectively.

8. Create prosperity consciousness

“Money is like a woman! If you say you do not like her, she will go away. Silently affirm to yourself: Money flows to me like a river! Money rains on me like a waterfall!” MCKS

You should have prosperity consciousness. Change your attitude towards money. If you cannot ask for money for whatever service you do, if you think you cannot get rich, if you think having a lot of money may affect your character, you probably have poverty consciousness. There are many people saying that “money is bad,” “money is the source of evil,” etc. but these are not correct. Money is concretized energy. Money is power, and it is neutral; not good, nor bad. Money in the hands of right people can be used for the benefit of many.

To attract money abundantly, you need to change your attitude towards money. You need to create a prosperity consciousness. Dress well. Look prosperous and professional. You don’t need to buy expensive cloths, but your look should be presentable and smart. There is a saying that “clothes make the man.”

Be confident. You may use positive affirmations to be able to attract money easily and more effectively such as “I am prosperous and happy”, “money flows to me like a river,” “money rains on me like a waterfall,” “money comes to me easily and abundantly”, so be it.

Kriyashakti Circle

 9. Learn Kriyashakti

Kriyashakti is the science of materialization. It is the science of creating powerful thought forms to reach your goals and targets. It also gives you the ability to attract more money by removing the seeds of poverty consciousness from your chakras and your aura, and replace them with positive energies of prosperity. Kriyashakti is a Sanskrit word meaning “using the power of thought to manifest things in the physical plane.” It is basically the science of manifestation that gives you the ability to manifest your plans faster and in a more effective way.

Success does not necessarily depend on hard physical work. Reformulate your strategy!” MCKS

In fact Kriyashakti provides a set of powerful techniques to properly harness the power of thoughts and subtle energies to create a life of prosperity and success both materially and spiritually. Kriyashakti makes you feel powerful and alive! “When you are generating Prana Shakti, you feel alive!” MCKS

10. Help others get rich

Based on the “Golden Rule,” whatever you want, you need to give to others and whatever you don’t want, you should not do unto others. If you want to be rich, you need to help other people get rich, by finding job for them, creating job opportunities and blessing them with prosperity.

The more you help people get rich, the more you help yourself. Instead of wanting all the money for you and creating an unhealthy competition, create a win-win situation. Be smart, the secret in getting prosperous is to create good karma of prosperity. It is not just hard physical work. Reformulate your strategy.

“The secret of Making Money in the stock market is in allowing the other guy to Make Money! If you want to make money, you must let other people Make Money.” MCKS

11. Be good at what you do

If you want the business to go to you, you need to be one of the bests. Be good at what you do! There is a saying that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Insufficient knowledge and skill, increases the chances of failure. Make yourself one of the bests in your area of expertise and in what you do. Finish whatever you start and do it well. It is widely believed that “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”

12. Invest

In order to increase your money, you need to invest, but try to maintain plenty of liquidity at all times. When you want to invest in something, assess the risks. Think what is the worst situation.

“There are always risks. Calculate: What is the probability? What is the cost? What will happen if something goes wrong? Always calculate if the profit generated is enough to meet the expenses.” MCKS

One of the problems in business is the inability to calculate the profit and expenses. Sometimes expenses overpass the profit! As much as possible the projects you start should be self-financing. Invest in a market that brings a good overhead. Invest in various areas. There is a saying that, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” In this way if one market goes down, you won’t loose all your money and you will have enough to survive until it goes up again.

Invest, especially if you do a lot of charity and regular tithing. “If you do not Save and Invest, there are fewer channels for your Good Karma to manifest.” MCKS

Pranic Healing

13. Try Pranic Healing

In complementary therapies, a lot of emphasis is being put on studying and strengthening the human chakras. In fact chakras are whirling energy centers that control and are responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Chakras have physical, psychological and spiritual functions that make the chakras important parts in human life. The lower chakras, including the Basic chakra, basically affect the person’s ability to attract money.

“When you become careless with money, it means that the Basic Chakra is not as strong and as healthy as it should be. The lower chakras are the anchors in your life. Your output in life is only as good as your chakras. The condition of your chakras affects your prosperity. Get Pranic Healing!” MCKS

Therefore to increase one’s ability to attract money, the lower chakras as well as a number of higher chakras such as Ajna chakra should be treated.

Pranic Healing in this case as a successful science and art of healing can be very helpful. Pranic Healing techniques can be used to balance and improve the condition of the chakras as well as the aura. Pranic Healing can be applied by individuals as a self-healing approach or by professional healers for any individual.

Once the chakras are healthy and strong, the condition of the person will substantially get improved. If you have a lot of debts and find it difficult to attract money or earn more, if you are jobless or always change jobs, you need to strengthen your chakras, especially the Basic chakra.

14. Choose good friends

Choose friends that help you save and invest a portion of your money. If you have friends that mostly encourage you to spend and spend more, better to rethink. If you are with people that normally spend carelessly and waste a lot, you will be forced to do the same, which leaves you with lots of debt and no savings. Be careful with your friends. Choose the right ones.

Help your friends save, invest and get richer and ask for their help. Especially when you are young, you need to think more about saving and investing, rather than spending money. There is a saying that “God helps those who help themselves.” Do your best, help others and see how you will be helped.

15. Start Now

Time is money. It is precious. Start your planning, business and carrier just now! Don’t procrastinate. Getting rich is not so difficult; you just need to start somewhere.

“What is important is not where you are right now. What is important is where you want to be!” MCKS

Use your time properly and intelligently.

“The future is in your hands… You are destined to be successful.” MCKS

Source: Pranaworld