“Freedom of Manifestation”

Beyond the Mind by IISI

‘Freedom of Manifestation’ online live event by Chiara Perfetti
September 4th, 16:00 – 18:00 (Greek time)

A life-changing event leading to empowerment!

We are combining the powerful knowledge gained through Pranic Healing taught by Master Choa Kok Sui with practices by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, to give you powerful practices which will forever change your relationship with success and prosperity. These are practical hacks which take you through the entire process of pinpointing your next project, removing all negative beliefs around manifestation and success, planning your next steps and setting yourself up for groundbreaking accomplishments.
Do you want to be able to physicalize your ideas? We have all experienced ‘aha’ moments when ideas we knew would be successful have stricken. We then start full steam ahead, planning and brainstorming, only to fall short of breath a few weeks later. Time to change some inhibiting old patterns!
Time to create new, groundbreaking rules for ourselves. Time for a restart!

A hint of what you will be signing up for:

  • Discover how to activate every cell of your being in seconds.
  • Discover practices to get you up to peak performance.
  • Discover how far away you are from your goal. Then eliminate that gap! Discover how to get rid of self-pity once and for all.
  • Discover how to make the impossible possible. YES, you CAN!
  • Discover the 30 hack you need to do before writing a business plan or planning your next step.
  • Intense purification techniques.
  • Re-program your subconscious mind
    … and much much more!

This session is interactive, energy generating gift you give to yourselves. Only apply if you are willing to give your very best wholeheartedly. This same promise we give to you!

Translation will be available in Greek, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish.

Please note that your camera should be ‘on’ during the whole session
Any kind of recording is strictly not allowed

Saturday September 4th, 16:00 – 18:00 (Greek time)
(For your local time zone use the world clock here)

The session is open to all!

Follow the link below to register:

Contact info:
+30 693 8880555 | chiara@pranichealing.gr