Towards World Peace

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a simple yet powerful technique introduced by Master Choa Kok Sui for achieving cosmic consciousness or what we often call “illumination.” It is also a form of service to the world by increasing harmony and peace through becoming a channel to bless the earth with loving-kindness.

In fact among all the techniques taught by Master Choa Kok Sui, perhaps none prompts as many glowing testimonials of personal healing and positive life transformation as the Meditation on Twin Hearts.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is designed based on the principle that some of the major chakras such as the crown chakra are the entry points or gateways to certain levels of consciousness. Therefore to achieve illumination the crown chakra should be sufficiently activated.

The crown chakra can only be activated when the heart chakra is first sufficiently activated.

There are many ways of activating the heart and crown chakras, such as Hatha yoga, yogic breathing techniques, chanting mantras and visualization techniques. All of these techniques are effective but not fast enough. One of the most effective and fastest ways to activate these chakras is through the Meditation on Twin Hearts. It basically helps to transform the internal condition of the practitioner. When during meditation we transform despair into hope, doubt into faith and darkness into light, we will be filled internally with hope, faith and light. This in fact creates a healing and transforming effect.

“When you seek to console, you are filled with light, love and power instead of wallowing in your own mud, in your own selfish misery and pain.” Master Choa Kok Sui

This meditation is truly special. It works on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels to open the heart chakra (the physical heart) and the crown chakra (the spiritual heart), thereby enabling the practitioner to draw down a great amount of divine energy into the crown and into the system.

Explained by Master, “when you do Meditation on Twin Hearts a lot of Soul Energy comes down. You become whole and more connected and one with your higher soul.” (Master Choa Kok Sui, 2006, p. 30) It therefore acts as a bridge between the emotional love of the incarnated soul and the divine love of the higher soul.

Many practitioners of the Twin Hearts Meditation have reported heightened levels of intuition, increased healing powers, sharper and more organized mental faculties, inner peace, loving kindness, compassion, enhanced Spiritual service, brighter and more balanced aura, larger chakras, enhanced communication with the Higher Self, the development of clairvoyance and other inner psychic abilities, healthier physical body, more success in life with less stress, and a more balanced personality.

In fact Meditation on Twin Hearts flushes and cleanses the aura using the Spiritual energy thereby clearing and sharpening the mind and calming the emotions. It basically works as a spiritual shower. When the aura is clean and bright you will experience calmness, stillness and as a result a higher level of awareness. The other benefits listed above are only the positive side effects.

“Practicing stillness and awareness enables you to engage in higher spiritual activities. Within the stillness is greater spiritual activity. Stillness is just a stepping stone.” (Master Choa Kok Sui, 2006, p. 13)

The cleansing in this case happens in three different levels; cleansing from our own unwholesome thoughts and emotions, cleansing from the negative thought and emotions of other people coming to us, and cleansing from the contamination caused by living in a large and crowded city.

“Meditation on Twin Hearts is one of the most powerful meditation tools for spiritual development. It is a true gift from the Great Ones.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Source: Pranaworld