Pranic Healing is A Science

Scientific experiments can be repeated by other scientists and re-evaluated to test their accuracy.

Based on the Oxford dictionary, science, in general, means “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” It comes from the Latin word scientia, rooted from sciremeaning to know.

In this way science is referred to any attempt that is the result of systematic study, observation and experiment. In fact to be scientific is understood as having principles, methods and formula, following which, results in similar conclusions.

A scientific method in this case, is characterized by observing a phenomenon and wondering what is happening or why or how it happens and then make a statement, called hypothesis, that can be tested by experiment.

For example, your observation might be every time you spend a lot of time, more than 8 hours, working non-stop on your computer, you end up having a headache. However, if you give yourself some breaks in between your work just to rest and exercise your eyes and shoulders, you remain fine.

In this case your hypothesis is: working non-stop with the computer for many hours leads to headache. Scheduling hours of rest and physical exercise however, keeps the body healthier and prevents headache.

Once you have your hypothesis, you need to define variables and controls for your experiments followed by a study of the subject matter and the previously conducted experiments. Then you design your experiment, record the data, analyze and eventually make your conclusion.

Scientific experiments can be repeated by other scientists and re-evaluated to test their accuracy.

Pranic Healing was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and was based on his observation that vital energy does in fact exist which constantly affect the health and well-being of our body

Now, lets talk about Pranic Healing and how Pranic Healing is considered a science…

Pranic Healing was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and was based on his observation that vital energy does in fact exists which constantly affects the health and well-being of our body. People with less vital energy and contaminated aura tend to be weak and sick, while people with more energy and brighter aura tend to be healthier.

His clairvoyant observations and case studies on patients also showed that people with certain energetic patterns tend to have similar ailments. For example, all patients with hypertension were observed to have over-activated Meng Mein chakra as well as congested and over-activated Solar Plexus chakra.

His vast body of knowledge and study on various healing modalities, spiritual technologies and traditional sciences including Yoga, Chinese Chi Kung, Theosophy and Psychic Phenomenon helped him understand the matter deeply and design experiments to further validate his findings.

The experiments were conducted on real patients with various health issues and ailments. The results of healing techniques were investigated through clairvoyant observations and interviews.

Master Choa Kok Sui spent more than 20 years of research to conceptualize Pranic Healing as a science with principles, techniques and steps with the aim that whoever follows the procedures, comes up with the expected results.

Finally in 1987, Pranic Healing was introduced to the public through the publication of a book called “The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing;” its name was later changed to “Miracles through Pranic Healing”.

By Pranic Healing becoming more and more popular in various countries, more people started applying it on patients and recording their testimonials; and Master Choa Kok Sui was encouraging such experiments and observations to further validate the effectiveness of his system. Some of the testimonials were included at the last chapter of the Miracles through Pranic Healing book for the public to view.

It’s simplicity, sophistication, non-sectarianism and intellectual approach in describing the ailments and providing solutions to scan and improve them, made Pranic Healing a popular method, even among medical doctors.

Pranic Healing workshops were soon conducted in universities, hospitals, churches and corporations. California Neurosurgery hospital was among the first hospitals where Pranic Healing workshops were conducted to complement medical treatments.

Departments of Pranic Healing were later put up in a number of hospitals including Apollo Speciality Hospitals in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Nedlands Western Australia, and Cancer Center of Ventura County Oxnard California to help the patients recover faster.

Master Choa Kok Sui introduced Pranic Healing as a complementary therapy to medical treatment, not a replacement, as it deals with energy body and the energy centers rather than physical organs. Based on the Principle of Correspondence, he observed that what affects the energy body, affects the physical body and vice versa, which is one of the reasons why it works.

Besides the case studies and clairvoyant observations, academic researches are now being conducted across the world and some have been already published.

– One of the studies on Pranic Healing was done at the Chennai Hospital, India. Standard lab experiments were conducted on bacteria and mouse to validate the efficacy of Pranic Healing on treating wounds, stress reduction and surgery. The aim was to observe the speed of recovery on patients while applying Pranic Healing compared to the normal rate. The results showed a more rapid recovery for the patients who had received the complementary treatment.

– Another experiment was on Superbrain Yoga by Kim Siar from Norristown Middle School Pennsylvania in 2005 that showed 21.487% improvement in exam results of the study group compared to 2.7125% of the control group. There was also a dramatic increase in student participation in and out of the classroom.

– Dr. Joie P. Jones, Professor of Radiological Sciences of the University of California, Irvine conducted a research titled: “Quantitative Evaluation of Pranic Healing using Radiation of Cells in Culture” that showed 48.8% of cell survival rate with gamma radiation can be increased up to 92.3% by applying Pranic Healing before and after radiation.

– “Relationship of Meditation on Twin Hearts with Neuro Hormones and Neuropeptides” was the title of another study conducted by Glenn Joseph Mendoza, M.D., M.P.H. and Master Pranic Healer, & Suriya Ghorpadkar, New Jersey that proved there is a positive relationship between the Meditation on Twin Hearts and serum levels of melatonin (up to 300% increase) but no significant impact on plasma beta-endorphins.

– Dr. and Master Pranic Healer, Glenn Joseph Mendoza had another research conducted titled: “Pranic Healing impact on Neurogenesis” along with Dr. Eugenius that showed 25% increase in newly born cells in Hippocampus treated by applying Pranic Healing.

– Andrea Tarabek R.N. and Jim Sorden, Senior Certified Pranic Healer, CA did a research in Dec 2003 titling “Investigation of the Effect of Pranic Healing Techniques on Birthing Process and Maternal Outcomes,” in which Pranic Healing techniques were applied to prepare birthing rooms from Feb till Dec 2003. The data of 256 births during Feb till Dec compared to 722 births in 2000, 2001 and 2002 showed positive effects on the delivery process and maternal outcomes. 19% of cases with intact perineum in 2002 increased up to 33% while 34% of cases with no pain increased to 45%. 22% of cases with complications in 2002 reduced to 17% during Feb-Dec 2003.

– In 2004 Western Australian Centre for Cancer and Palliative Care, Edith Cowan University conducted a research together with Aurora Popescu as the research assistant on cancer patients. A 17-month study on patients receiving complementary treatments, including Pranic Healing, through the SCGH Brownes Cancer Support Centre reported improvements in both quality of life and symptom distress scores. These improvements were marked between the pre and post scores for each treatment visit, and there was also improvement over the course of the sessions from treatment 1 to treatment 6.

 – “Effect of Pranic Healing on Behavioral Problems and School Performance of Juvenile Home Girls” was the title of another research by Dr. Vrunda J. Pimpalkhute, Head of the Department of Holistic Cardiac Rehabilitation at M.S.R. Medical Teaching Hospital, Karnataka, India. 22 girls at a juvenile home were treated for 3 months to improve behavioral and scholastic performance and significant improvements were noticed in destructive behavior, fighting, bed-wetting and exam scores.

Similar researches have been done and are also in the process to validate the effectiveness of Pranic Healing dealing with various health issues.

In fact, healing in ancient times was more considered as an art, rather than a science; and a healing technology with well-established principles, techniques and protocols is often difficult to find among ancient healing methods. Pranic Healing is a science in this sense as it could present a step-by-step formula and procedure that if applied by people equipped with this knowledge it can lead to similar expected results.

Currently Pranic Healing is being practiced in more than 100 countries and the Miracles through Pranic Healing book is translated into more than 11 languages.

“Pranic Healing is a science and art of healing” has become a popular phrase that practitioners use to describe Pranic Healing.

We encourage more scientific and academic researches to be conducted by scholars to validate the techniques and applications of Pranic Healing dealing with various health issues.