Inner Transformation

Inner Transformation
December 7, 2022 Yiorgos Stamoulis

“To grow, we must get rid of these weaknesses. We must remove these obstacles and offer them to God.”
(GMCKS ‘Creative Transformation’)

Get ready for a transformation!

!!!These sessions are ONLY for people that have attended MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy!!!

Only this time, we aren’t changing something about us, but we leave behind something that doesn’t really belong to us : the negative thoughts we get from our environment, the negative programs from our childhood, the seeds of negative behavior that need to be released and to be transformed. Transformation is a big part of Pranic Healing. From the beginning, from the first Basic Seminar, we know that character building is based on internal cleaning & traansformation. Where do these negative energies go? They are converted to positive characteristics, they are becoming new fuel that is beneficial for our bodies. If you want to change your unhealthy diet to a healthy one, first get rid of the unhealthy foods in your cupboard, and then introduce positive food choices. This is exactly what we will do in this comprehensive series of ‘Inner Transformation’.
Yiorgos Stamoulis will give us incredible tips for emotional and mental cleansing and will remind us of tools that we know, but perhaps forget to use.

What to expect:
1. Complete inner Cleansing: We’ll work on a “healing” once self. This will allow thorough practice and thorough cleansing.
2. Full practice! Yiorgos will describe all the aspects of each “defect”, but this is not a theoretical laboratory. We are here for action!
3. Group work! One of the most beneficial aspects of the seminar, in relation to the cleansing we do alone, is that we all start and finish together. A concentrated energy leads us. We will be accountable for our daily practices in order to implement new routines even after the seminar series ends.
4. One new self! You will begin to see small changes in the way you act and react. As the teachers say, «the change starts when you make the choice to change», even before the techniques… the change is already happening when you enroll in the seminar.

The benefits of cleansing are immeasurable. What we do is change the heavy, dense energy and make it more delicate, more subtle. This subtle energy is released and travels upwards, activating our upper energy centers. We will become stronger, emotionally more balanced and mentally clearer. The spiritual benefits are also many, starting with the good karma we attract by doing something positive for ourselves. Our dialogues will become deeper, since we will release these heavy energies.

Finally, we remember the Master’s words:
“As you grow, the people around you grow too. As you progress, the world evolves with you to some degree” – GMCKS.

Do something good for yourself and the world around you! Internal Transformation’ with Yiorgos Stamoulis…