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Meditation on Forgiveness


with Master Stephen Co

 “…It is by forgiving that one is forgiven…”

Saint Francis of Assisi


The meditation consists of a procedure during which the one that meditates connects with his real nature. When the meditation is combined with the Technique of Forgiveness, what happens is really unique. The one that meditates realizes that the path for the opening of the Soul and the Heart is widened through Love, Compassion and the feeling of ‘US’. When we put aside our Ego, when we manage to see beyond the narrow borders of ourselves, then we have already done half way towards our ‘growing up’.

This particular technique of forgiveness has been created by Master Choa Kok Sui, while the Meditation has been given by his disciple Master Stephen Co.

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness are concepts that if we experience them in depth enable us to free ourselves from whatever makes us stay attached only to our aspect of things. The magnificence of Love and of the Acceptance that we are all ONE now takes shape. Through this specific technique of Forgiveness, we give to the person we forgive, but to ourselves as well, extenuation, while we admit that the path we are on is a path that leads us to learning and the knowledge of Self. We mature and become better through our mistakes and this is something that when we realize it we stop being cruel and immobile towards all who have hurt us. On the contrary we feel grateful for the lessons they have taught us and allow pure feelings to overwhelm us and cure us on every level.

Through the practice of the technique of forgiveness we may improve our relationships in all levels: family, friends, emotional, professional.  Parents that have been experiencing a problematic relationship with their children, felt ‘suddenly’ that they were communicating better with them, that the roles were again well distributed. Colleagues that were having conflicts within their work environment, saw their relationships improving, because Forgiveness is a procedure that takes place in the Soul, where discrimination, egoism, conflicts do not exist since Love and higher emotions officiate.

Forgiving and by asking for forgiveness, gives us a great opportunity for a life with internal peace and healthy emotions that elevates our spiritual development and our physical health. Anger, disappointment, bitterness and revengefulness are  negative emotions, that create lower vibrations in our body and spirit. It is necessary to realize that it is only us who are responsible for our personal happiness and calmness. By deciding to forgive and at the same time to humbly ask for forgiveness, we take the lead of our life, we are freed from every expectation and we prepare ourselves for further development.