Attracting Love

Attracting Love | Cultivating an Energetic Love Language

“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.”

Sai Baba

One of the first lessons in energizing taught in the foundational level of Pranic Healing is to impregnate the energy you are projecting with loving-kindness. In doing so, the energy is softer and more easily absorbed by the person receiving the treatment. Subtly, they feel peaceful, calm, loved and supported. Surely, there are layers to this teaching that, when explored, become relevant to other areas of our life, outside of the healing room.

It is not a new discovery that love is energy, and yet we read dozens of self-help books and articles that give us hints and techniques to enhance our love life through outer actions. Of course, there is relevance in changing one’s behavior and communication skills outwardly, but perhaps there is a new love language that does not speak in words. It is the energetic language of love that becomes a deep, powerful and transformative force, capable of changing the outer world through what is planted internally. This happens automatically when we engage with someone, lovingly, and yet using it consciously enhances our ability to understand its power and application.

Here are a few ways to begin to understand, develop, and harness the energetic language of love.

1. Understand your thoughts as seeds.

When you begin to study esoteric teachings on the subtle worlds, one primary lesson is on understanding your thoughts, energetically. Your thoughts greatly influence the words, behaviors, and tendencies of yourself and those around you.

When we think a negative thought about someone, a negative vibrational energy transfers to his or her etheric field. We are actually influencing them, energetically, and in the process, our own energy gets affected. Master Choa Kok Sui always said, “You can’t throw mud without dirtying your own hands.” However, the good news is the opposite is also true ,when it comes to thinking positive thoughts and projecting loving energy.

Our thoughts are the seeds for our words and behaviors. Our behaviors influence our character. And our character, MCKS always said, influences our destiny. So when we plant loving seeds, we tend to communicate and act, lovingly. This dispels positive vibrational charges in our own energetic field and the aura of those around us. Our energy becomes magnetic, our relationships improve, and love seems to be the energy most alive in the world around us.

So, perhaps, begin by observing the thoughts you are creating, especially in relation to people that you are struggling with. These are the energetic seeds you are planting, which will greatly influence how you behave and act in relation to that person.

2. Begin speaking love, energetically. Create a loving environment.

We have all been in a situation, where someone is attempting to say something kind, but there is another energy we sense behind it. There are ways that we can begin to create energetic situations that support love, rather than challenge it. I am not encouraging us to repress our anger or negative emotions. However, when the energetic environment shifts, those energies can be expressed in different and less destructive ways.

Before you hold an honest or difficult conversation with a significant other, close your eyes and imagine the energetic center of your heart expanding. Take a moment to invoke for feelings of peace, tenderness and sweetness, internally. Then, imagine the crown chakra expanding. These two energetic centers facilitate love, emotionally and spiritually. Take a moment to bless the other person with kindness, sweetness and love. While you are speaking with them, impregnate your words with energy of love. Imagine their heart center filled with love. It is not only what we say, but how we say it, that greatly influences the conversation.

Obviously, we are not always able to do this in difficult situations. We are not perfect and we will get angry, and say or think negative things. When this happens, take some time after to activate your heart and bless the other person. It is amazing when we enact something in the inner world, how it will have an impact on the physical plane. As you do this practice more, you will notice yourself observing what is happening before or during the moment, rather than after it. But it takes time, love, and patience with yourself.

Just remember, we can create and change the energetic environment that we are a part of. When we set up situations to support loving relationships, it is much easier for us to work out difficult conflicts and issues with others.

3. Pour out love. Begin a relationship with the energy of Love, itself.

As the opening quote by Sai Baba reminds us—love is infectious. MCKS used to tell us that if you want love, you have to give love. However, this seems easier during certain times of our lives than others. It sounds lovely and yet is not always a simple practice. We have our own blockages, histories, fears, insecurities, and doubts that prevent us from pouring out love easily and automatically.

I would suggest to start by cultivating a relationship to Love, itself. Imagine Love as an energy, a form, or deity that you can relate to and dialogue with. As you begin to develop this relationship with Love, many aspects of what both facilitates and blocks you from Love will emerge. Love desires to know. Loves desires to love you and be loved by you. If you are seeking love in your life, as you befriend the energy of Love, perhaps she will listen more closely to your requests.

Perhaps, as you pull this energy closer to you by relating to it, on its own terms, you will find it easier to become an instrument of love in the world. When people meet you, they will sense the greater energy of Love that accompanies you.

The two of you, together, are irresistible.