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Associate Pranic Healer

Certification Program for Pranic Healers


While the alternative treatments have a significant position in the healing process, the need for creating attaining program giving the opportunity to devoted disciples to become Associated Pranic Healers came up.

Under the guidance of Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing and of the professional capabilities and therapeutic achievements of certain international co-coordinators, the Institute for Inner Studies (IISI) provides us a program including all the aspects of Pranic Healing.

The process for Certification includes a systematic and an in-depth training, of 1 year duration, in Pranic Healing Seminars, which consist of the base for further knowledge and evolution.

This program will enable you to have greater success, harmony and balance in all areas of your life. A recapitulation in the Principles of Pranic Healing takes place in turn to expand the conception of the trainees and the comprehension of the whole subject.

In addition, great attention is given to the practical level of the subject training, since specialized techniques and skills are taught and the already existing ones are improved, always during supervised therapies.

Great attention is given to the hygiene, morality, responsibility and therapy.

Prerequisites for attending the Certification Program

  • Basic Pranic Healing
  • Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Healing Psychotherapy
  • Arhatic Preparatory Level

The Certification Program includes:

  • Training in the Pranic Healing Seminars
  • Presentation of documented healing cases from the healers
  • Principles of Chinese Medicine, ear acupuncture.
  • Principles of Psychology
  • Principles of alimentation
  • Pranic Healing Cellular Healing
  • Additional classes from Certified Pranic Healers that travel from abroad
  • Physiology, Pathology and Anatomy classes
  • First Aid

Students are required to follow classes on medical subjects (physicians and nurses are excluded). A Pranic Healer doctor carries out the medical part of the program. The students should be examined in turn to reassure they own this specific knowledge, aiming to become even better healers.

  • Principles of healers’ ethics
  • Written examination, personal guidance and evaluation
  • Recapitulation of Basic, Advanced and Psychotherapy

The recapitulation of the above mentioned seminars is considered mandatory in order to reassure the participant is properly oriented towards MCKS Pranic Healing and follows the techniques.

Levels of Certification Program:

  1. Associate Pranic Healer
  2. Certified Pranic Healer
  3. Certified Pranic Psychotherapy
  4. Certified Senior Pranic Healer
  5. Certified Assistant Master Pranic Healer
  6. Certified Master Pranic Healer

The presentation of 25 documented healing cases from the healer makes part of the practice:

  • 10 healing cases with Basic Pranic Healing
  • 10 healing cases with Advanced Pranic Healing
  • 5 healing cases with Pranic Healing Psychotherapy


The above mentioned cases will be evaluated during the course of study. At the end of a successful training period and after the acceptance of the 25 healing cases, a certificate is issued from the IISI (Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.)

The specific Certification Program is unique and it is the first that takes place in Greece and is recognized from the IISI (Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.). With the completion of the Program you become part of an international recognized Pranic Healers’ Organization.