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Meditation on Twin Hearts with Psychological Healing


Twin hearts meditation with Psychological healing is basically a meditation on twin hearts where Master Choa Kok Sui has inserted an additional section for performing energetic psychotherapy on the participant. As it is known the meditation on twin hearts is an excellent meditation technique which utilizes the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi to bless the earth with loving kindness, forgiveness, peace, reconciliation, faith, happiness and joy.  It is also an excellent meditation technique which blesses the earth with peace, joy and loving kindness with the purpose to make us divine instruments, help us realise our “Divine Existence” and help us reach enlightenment.

In other words this meditation contains all the pros of the Twin Hearts mediation plus it contributes to our psychological well being and our relief from negative emotions and thoughts while providing us with inner peace.

Master Choa Kok Sui guides us using visualization to harness the properties of the divine energy that is already descending to our crown and to our body during the meditation in order to improve or maintain our psychological health. This energy, called “the Light of life”, through the guidance of Master Choa Kok Sui is placed gradually at various energy centers, aiming on cleaning them from psychological related negative energies and strong negative thoughts & emotions.

The practice of Twin Hearts meditation with Psychological healing is not recommended to people :

  • younger than 16 years old of age,
  • suffering from any heart related disease and hypertension,
  • pregnant women, heavy smokers as well as to heavy meat consumers (especially to those who consume pork meat).

Scientific research has verified positive and favorable results of Twin Hearts meditation with Psychological healing. Recent experiments have revealed the considerable production of body serotonin to the brain after the meditation, which is known that is called the “hormone of joy-happiness”. This considerable finding show this meditation is extremely beneficial related with longevity, stress and anger or of any other negative emotion relief and spiritual growth.