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Meditation in Twin Hearts with Physical Healing


Twin hearts meditation with Self-healing is basically a meditation on twin hearts which includes an additional section which exclusively deals with self-healing of the physical body. As you known twin hearts meditation is an excellent meditation technique which blesses the earth with peace, joy and loving kindness. It’s purpose is to make us divine instruments, help us realise our “Divine Existence” and help us reach enlightenment.

In other words Twin hearts meditation with Self-healing contains all the pros of the Twin Hearts mediation plus it contributes to one’s recovery and strengthening of his/her physical body.

Master Choa Kok Sui guides us during the meditation utilizing visualization in order to harness the properties of the divine energy (which descends in our crown while meditating) in order to improve or to maintain the good health condition of the physical body. In this way, healing of body affected parts as well as stimulation of the healthy ones is achieved. Thus, at the end of the twin hearts meditation with Self-healing we feel and we actually are healthier. Its healing benefits are obvious progressively, perhaps even few days later.

Practice of twin hearts meditation with Self-healing is not recommended to individuals younger than 16 years old of age, to individuals suffering from any heart related disease and hypertension, to pregnant women, to heavy smokers as well as to heavy meat consumers (especially to those who consume pork meat).

Scientific research has verified positive and favorable results of twin hearts meditation with Self-healing. Recent experiments have revealed the considerable production of body melatonin to the brain after the meditation (up to 300%). This considerable finding shows that this meditation is extremely beneficial related to longevity, stress relief, sleeping disorders, anti-cancer effects and spirituality growth.  However, this approach is not effective only with consciousness but it creates a new base or perspectives for medicine and healing.

However, it has to be noted that self-healing meditation on twin hearts is extremely powerful and effective but in no means can substitute the conventional medicine.